Australian YA Reviews

Here is the complete listing of the Australian young adult fiction reviews to have appeared on My Girl Friday, alphabetised by title.

After (Sue Lawson)
All I Ever Wanted (Vikki Washington)
Always Mackenzie (Kate Constable)
A Pocketful of Eyes (Lili Wilkinson)
Being Bindy (Alyssa Brugman)
Chasing Boys (Karen Tayleur)
Chasing Charlie Duskin (Cath Crowley)
Clara in Washington (Penny Tangey)
Dancing in the Dark (Robyn Barvati)
Darkwater (Georgia Blain)
Dreaming of Amelia (Jaclyn Moriarty)
Dress Rehearsal (Zoe Thurner)
Finding Freia Lockhart (Aimee Said)
Five Parts Dead (Tim Pegler)
Fury (Shirley Marr)
Girl Saves Boy (Steph Bowe)
Good Oil (Laura Buzo)
Graffiti Moon (Cath Crowley)
Halfway to Good (Kirsten Murphy)
Hostage (Karen Tayleur)
In Ecstasy (Kate McCaffrey)
Jarvis 24 (David Metzenthen)
Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight (Nick Earls & Rebecca Sparrow)
Letters to Leonardo (Dee White)
Little Sister (Aimee Said)
Loser! (Pina Grieco-Tiso)
Loving Richard Feynman (Penny Tangey)
Mama’s Song (Ben Beaton)
Marrying Ameera (Roseanne Hawke)
Ninety Packets of Instant Noodles (Deb Fitzpatrick)
Pink (Lili Wilkinson)
Pool (Justin D’Ath)
Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get a Life (Maureen McCarthy)
Raw Blue (Kirsty Eager)
Saltwater Moons (Julie Gittus)
Six Impossible Things (Fiona Wood)
Somebody’s Crying (Maureen McCarthy)
Stolen (Lucy Christopher)
The Byron Journals (Daniel Ducrou)
The Good Daughter (Amra Pajalic)
The King of Whatever (Kirsten Murphy)
The Piper’s Son (Melina Marchetta)
This is Shyness (Leanne Hall)
What Now Tilda B? (Kathryn Lomer)


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