Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Directions in 2012

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Hello! I won't bore you all with apologies, but I'm sure you've noticed how quiet it's been on here lately. Basically I feel since I went to the US in September, I've never managed to get back on top of things, both here and at work. I think I've lost a little bit of my blogging mojo - partly because of time constraints, partly just being a bit burnt out. Anyway, I've decided to make some changes for this blog come 2012 and I'd like to share some of these with you.

Firstly (and most importantly) in 2012, I will only be reviewing Australian young adult titles in detail. I've been struggling with writing reviews this year, and so I've decided to concentrate on quality over quantity - I will committ to reviewing three Australian YA novels a month (and a mix of new releases and backlist titles).  That's not to say I won't occasionally write about other titles - because obviously I'm really excited about The Fault in Our Stars and Isla and the Happily Ever After, and I'll probably use my Snack Size feature to share my thoughts on these titles.

I've also started to create a 2012 Australian YA Calendar, to mark when new titles are publishing this year. At the moment, I'm only listing Aussie Contemporary YA, and will continue to add and update this thoughtout the year. If I've missed anything you think I should know about, please let me know.

I'm really looking forward to this new direction and some of my other plans, which I hope to reveal very soon.


Melanie said...

Hey! Does HCP send you books? Because if not, I will hook you up with our children's publicist and she might be able to send you some for review. Also, I can see what dates we can give you too. So much good stuff coming out next year.

Nomes said...

oh i am liking the sound of this :)

i am thinking about my blog as well ~ and what i want to do with it


Miss Friday said...

Mel - thanks Mel, I'll send you an email re: HCP

Nomes - thanks Nomes! Looking forward to seeing what inkcrush has to share in 2012 :)

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