Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Publishers' Showcase at State Library of Victoria: Part 1

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend Publishers' Showcase at the State Library of Victoria, organised by the Centre for Youth Literature. It was the last of their Booktalker events for the year and a number of publishers (or authors on behalf of publishers) were invited to present on new and upcoming young adult releases. We were welcomed by the lovely Adele, program co-ordinator at the Centre for Youth Literature.

Here is a brief run-down and some photos from the event (I did take rather rough notes, so I am extremely for the lack of detail and if there are any minor errors!).

Bloomsbury: presented by Sonia Palmisano
A Beautiful Lie - Irfan Master (published January 2011)
Historical fiction set in 1940s India and the premise reminded me of the film Goodbye Lenin.
Irfan has a multiple book contract with Bloomsbury so we'll be seeing even more from him in the future.

Sektion 20 - Paul Dowswell (published September 2011)
A Cold-War thriller.

Coming in 2012:
The Hidden trilogy - Marianne Carley
Agripping Australian fantasy.

In Darkness - Nick Lake
Set in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. This will be released seperately for the YA and Adult market.

Pan Macmillan: presented by Fiona Wood and Cath Crowley

Fiona spoke about Six Impossible Things (published in August 2010). You can read my review here.
She described her debut novel as "optimistic, funny and comforting". Not only has Six Impossible Things alreayd been reprinted 6 times (!!), it's been set as an English text in two Australian schools.
Fiona then gave us some insight into her new novel (which is nearly finished!) and was known as Pulchritude and is now going by another working title. It's set in Melbourne (yay!) and is about a girl called Sybilla Quince.

Cath then got up and talked about Graffiti Moon (swoon!), and what interested me was the way she spoke about the significance of the art featured in Graffiti Moon, and the way it reflects the emotions of some of the characters. Cath also gave us some details about her new book, The Howling Boy (which I believe it due late next year). It's the story of two seventeen year olds, Crow and Audrey and oh my goodness, it sounds completely amazing!

Ford Street Publishing: presented by Paul Collins
Mole Hunt - Paul Collins
Changing Yesterday - Sean McMullen
Historical sci-fi, an exciting set during the Australian federation.

Coming in 2012:
In the Beech Forrest - Illustrated by a sixteen year old girl
Trust Me Too! An anthology featuring an Isobel Carmody piece.

Walker/Blackdogbooks: presented by Maryann Ballantyne

Coming in 2012
Other Brother - Simon French
Suited to the late middle years.

The Wrong Boy - Suzy Zail
Zail is a debut author from Melbourne and the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor. Wrong Boy is about a young Jewish teen who plays piano in a contentration camp for the commander and falls in love with his teenage son.

Broken - Elizabeth Pulford
After a motorcycle accident, a young woman falls into a coma and during this time, delves into a comic-book world to find her brother (the book turns into a graphic novel).

Blood Brothers - Carole Wilkinson
The fourth book in the Dragonkeeper series.

That covers the first part of the evening. I'll cover the second half, with new and upcoming releases from Random House, Text, Allen & Unwin and Penguin tomorrow (sorry to leave you hanging!)


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Thanks again for your fantastic posts about these events. You help keep me informed about what's happening in the YA lit scene when I am unable to attend. My to-read list for the summer break is rapidly growing. ta, ta, ta

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This looks like a fun event! Thanks for posting the info on Fiona Wood and Cath Crowley's next books, I look forward to reading both.

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