Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snack Size - Zombie Fun

Zombie stories don't always have to be about a quest for braaaains (or a metaphor for some aspect of society or to highlight a social issue). Sometimes they can just be plain ol' fun! Below are three 100-word mini reviews of some fun, non-threatening, non-scary zombie books:
How to Speak Zombie – Steve Mockus (illustrations by Travis Millard)
Published by Chronicle Books

This would make a great present for any fans of the differently biotic! How to Speak Zombie is a fun guide for breathers, on how to communicate with our living-impaired friends. Mockus covers a variety of situations (from the gym and sporting events to the beach and dance parties). I think my favourite is the zombie coffee shop etiquette:
= skinny double half-caf soy latte”. The best part about this book is definitely the handy dandy sound module, so you can hear the phrases being said in the appropriate combo of moans and grunts. Seriously, it will keep you entertained for a while.

Alice in Zombieland - Nickolas Cook & Lewis Carroll
Published by Sourcebooks
(read as an e-book)

Yet another zombified twist on a classic text! Whilst I think the concept worked successfully in Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and  Zombies, it just isn't as well suited to Lewis Carroll's story. Here Alice follows a black rat into an open grave and finds herself in Zombieland, where she encounters a myriad of strange, undead creatures. It is certainly not a challenging read (I finished in within a couple of hours) and in my opinion, Cook could have been a bit more creative with his zombie inclusions. Still, if you enjoy your childhood favourites with a side of braaaains, check this out.

Raising the Dead - H.J Harper
Published by Random House Australia
This is the third book in new Australian middle-reader series, Star League by H.J Harper (about a troupe of kids who make action movies by day and are an elite crime-fighting squad by night).  Roger Romero is the group’s zombie, who when he isn’t taking down baddies, is playing pranks or mixing up potions. I am loving this series – it’s a lot of fun, is suited to either gender (though I think they would go down especially well with reluctant boy readers). Also, the graphic-novel style illustrations from Nahum Ziersch are brilliant and nicely compliment Harper’s energetic writing style.


Holly said...

Oh wow! As if I wasn't already excited enough about zombie week, I stumble across this post and find such a lovely review of one of my Star League books - thanks m'lady, you've given me a warm, fuzzy feeling... or maybe that's the infectious zombie bite spreading to my brain.

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