Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I've Been Watching Lately

Whilst I've been reading up a storm on my daily commute and can't wait to tell to tell you all about the great stuff I've been reading but I thought in the mean time, I'd share/vent about some of the things I've been watching lately (unlike my Popcorn reviews, there is no theme - just some random thoughts about my TV and film viewing).

Class (1983)
Isn't this the most awkward film poster ever? I think so. After reading You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried by Susannah Gora, I am dying to watch more 80s teen flicks. I hadn't seen Class before but as it stars Andrew McCarthy (better known as Blaine from Pretty in Pink) and Rob Lowe (The Outsiders, St Elmos Fire), I thought that the likelihood of it being awesome were pretty high. I was not disapointed. Though some parts were mega-awkward, Class is full of really great physical comedy and was a lot of fun to watch. Like Weird Science, I feel like Class has helped influence it's successors in the teenage-boy-sex-comedy genre and films like American Pie and Sex Drive have clearly taken a lot from it.
Check out the trailer here.

Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)
I also watched Zombies of Mass Destruction on a whim. I do love zombie films and the description of ZMD sounded especially terrible (which means it's going to be great as the best zombie films are the ones that have the worst plotlines). These zombies are a terrorist weapon and are out to take over a small town. ZMD is very gory, strangely political and parodies almost every zombie film cliche. If you don't mind the gore and are a fan of zombie films, add this to your to-watch list. You can view the trailer here.

Ahh Community! It's one of those shows that in the past I've seen 5 minutes here and there but never had the chance to sit down and watch a whole episode. Then I picked up the boxed set for $20 and watched the whole first season in about 36 hours (yes, I have a slightly addictive personality when it comes to these kind of things ...). I love it! I think it has one of the best ensemble casts and Troy and Abed have incredible on-screen chemistry (seriously, the way they end each episode with the two of them kills me every time!). It's such a fun show, and if you're a pop culture nerd, you will love the multitude of references pumped into each episode.
I'll leave you with some krumping from Troy and Abed.

So what have you been watching lately? Feel free to share in the comments!


daniela said...

No way ZMD beats Return of the Living Dead:Rave to the Grave for worst plot line lmao

Miss Friday said...

Oh my gosh Daniela, I just read the Rave to the Grave plot - sounds epically bad/high potential for lolz - I'll have to check it out :D

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