Friday, June 10, 2011

Mixed Bag #39

Good morning friends! Here are some links to my favourite things online from the past couple of weeks - hope you enjoy them:

image source: we ♥ it

♥ An interesting post on The Book Smugglers about the relationship between bloggers and publishers.

♥ As always, Adele has written a fantastic, insightful piece responding to the Wall Street Journal article and the YA Saves movement (which has been amazing to follow via twitter and blogs).

♥ John Green shares one of his abandoned book ideas. I'm a total JG fangirl and of course, would have loved to read this. If you didn't know that John has a tumblr, go check it out! Especially because he's about to announce the title of his new book, publishing next year, very soon!!

♥ More John Green related news (because there is never enough), Paramount Pictures have acquired the film rights to Let It Snow!
♥ For non-bookish lolz, 70 Bootleg Movie Posters from Ghana.

♥ I'm also loving the Awesome People Hanging Out Together tumblr

♥ Susan Blackwell talks to Josh Gad of my current musical obsession, The Book of Mormon. The countdown to the Tonys is on (3 days), so be warned, I may be more fangirly than normal ...

Video time: One of my favourite people, Kristin Chenoweth talking about singing in Pushing Daisies (and makes a really beautiful point which really sums up why I love musicals).


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

There has been some great YA Saves posts. And I agree John Green is awesome :)

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