Monday, June 27, 2011

Fave Reads of 2011 (so far) - the characters and covers

Part Two in Nomes' Faves of 2011 (so far) series is all about characters (and the added bonus of pretty book covers).

Below I'm sharing some of my favourite characters from this books I've read this year. Feel free to share your own faves in the comments, and be sure to check out Nomes' blog, Inkcrush, for more blogger picks in this series.


1. Best female POV

Bee in A Pocketful of Eyes (Lili Wilkinson) and
 Charlie & Rose in Chasing Charlie Duskin (Cath Crowley)

2. Best Male POV

Sam in Hold Me Closer Necromancer (Lish McBride) and Adam in Where She Went (Gayle Foreman)

3. Best Couple ♥

Mia and Adam (Where She Went), Anna and Etienne (Anna and the French Kiss) and Bee and Toby (A Pocketful of Eyes)

4. Who I so want to be best friends with

The entire Martin family from Maureen Johnson's Scarlett Fever
Or Anna's friends (especially Josh and Meredith) from Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss
Or Al's friends (especially Maz and Nico!) from Aimee Said's Little Sister.
5. Who I fell completely in love with (new literary crush)

Toby from A Pocketful of Eyes (yay for delightfully nerdy boys!) and Sam from Hold Me Closer Necromancer (yay for snarkym skateboarding slackers!).

6. Worst (best) Villian

Mayor Prentiss from Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy

7. Best Character Twist (who you loved then hated or vice versa)

Miss Texas in Libba Bray's Beauty Queens (hate then love) and Ingrid in The Kid Table (love then hate).

8. Best Kick-Arse Female

I seriously couldn't think of a more awesome-crazy-kick-butt chick than Miss Texas - Taylor Rene Krysal Hawkins (Beauty Queens - Libba Bray)

9. Best Kick-Arse Male

Ollie, Arran and Small Sam from The Enemy, Ed and Jack from The Dead (both by Charlie Higson).
10. Broke Your Heart the Most

Cameron Quick in Sweethearts (Sara Zarr) or Jonah in How to Say Goodbye in Robot (Natalie Staniford).
My review of both books is here.

BONUS: 5 fave covers (from books I have read)

A Pocketful of Eyes - Lili Wilkinson
Dress Rehearsal - Zoe Thurner
Are We There Yet - David Levithan
Good Oil - Laura Buzo
Zombies vs Unicorns - Holly Black & Justine Larbalestier


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Awesome list! I picked Cam and Jenna from Sweethearts too as characters who most broke my heart as well as Adam from WSW for best male POV.

A really can't wait to read A Pocketful of Eyes :)

Miss Friday said...

Thanks Nic!
Ohhh hope you enjoy Pocketful of Eyes, it's def one of my faves :D

Cary Cheyenne. said...

Great post and an awesome list! I can't wait to read "Beauty Queens" by Libba Bray :)

Nomes said...

oh! Al's friends (!) i wish i had thought of that ...

and i really LOVE the cover of GOOD OIL as well. one of the reasons i was first so desperate to read it <3

Jess said...

Ahhh love! I still need to read A Pocketful of Eyes and Beauty Queens

Alexa said...

Ah I love Charlie and Rose.

I love the covers of A Pocketful of Eyes and Are we There yet. I want to read those.

Missie said...

Oooooh! I like seeing Miss Texas for character twist. Fun! Now I have to read the book to find out why.

And I've never heard of Pocket full of eyes before. I will have to check that out too! And I would think, How to Say Goodbye in Robot would be funny. Not expecting heartbreak based on the title. Another to add to the list.

Fun list, Steph! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Cara said...

Oooh, if I had read HOLD ME CLOSER, NECROMANCER this year it definitely would've won best male POV for me. Great list!

Angie said...

yay for Anna and Etienne (a lot of people seem to be picking them, myself included). love your picks and now I have more books to research. :)

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