Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snack Size - David Levithan

I first discovered the amazing David Levithan through his YA collaborations with Rachel Cohn (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List and Dash and Lily's Book of Dares) and John Green (Will Grayson, Will Grayson) and then went on to track-down his solo novels, which rest-assured, are just are heartfelt, funny and enjoyable. Below are three mini-reviews of David Levithan's titles, at 100 words each.

Boy Meets Boy
Published by Knopf, 2003

Boy Meets Boy is a charming and funny read, following Paul (an openly gay high-school student) from an incredibly open and accepting American town (it’s almost utopian in terms of its tolerance). Unlike the majority of LGBT YA fiction I’ve read, this isn’t so much of  a coming-out story, as it is a teen romance (complete with love triangles, epic romantic gestures and prom). There is also one of the most fabulous characters (ok, maybe tied with Tiny Cooper), Infinite Darlene, who if nothing else does, will put a smile on your face. Boy Meets Boy is sweet, quirky and slightly heartbreaking but highly-recommended.

Are We There Yet?
Published by Knopf, 2005

Now you know I love a good sister story, but Are We There Yet is one of the few YA novels I can recall reading recently with a focus on the relationship between brothers. Elijah (sixteen and perpetually chill) and Danny Silver (twenty-three year old workaholic) are tricked into going on a holiday to Italy together by their parents to help their strained relationship. The vacation starts awkwardly and the chapters alternate from each brother’s point of view and both tell of childhood memories and attempt to pinpoint why have become so distant. It’s a relationship story, a travel story and a coming of age story in one great book.

Love is the Higher Law
Published by Random House, 2009

Love is the Higher Law is the story of three teenage New Yorkers – Claire, Jasper and Peter, and the way their lives are affected following the events of September 11. Levithan’s writing is honest and sensitive and his characters felt incredibly real. I’ll admit I bawled my way through Claire and Kyle’s stories, and whilst I had some trouble initially relating to Jasper, ended up really caring for them all. Whilst the story is highly emotive and set amidst such tragic circumstances, I do feel like there is a lasting message of hope and the capacity for strength and community.


kate.o.d said...

i just read boy meets boy for the first time. it made me quite happy, and laugh a lot. fabulous characters. by by jeez was the end CHEESY. a bit too much for me. almost couldn't bear it. x

Miss Friday said...

Haha, yes the ending is a bit OTT (though I guess so is the ending of WG, WG and I love that to death)

Angie said...

Putting these down on my list. Thanks for the recommendations!

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