Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snack Size #15

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but contemporary Australian young-adult fiction is my go-to genre of choice. This selection of mini-reviews (at 100 words a pop) highlights three of my favourite recent reads, all contemporary Aussie YA with female protagonists.

Raw Blue - Kirsty Eagar
Published by Penguin Australia, 2009
274 pages

Wow. I can’t even say all I want to about this except can Kirsty Eagar pack a punch or what? Raw Blue is the story of Carly, a young woman who slaves away working at a beachside cafe to fund her surfing addiction. For Carly, the ocean is the only place she’s able to forget about the event which has drastically shaped the last two years of her life. This is such a powerful debut novel and Eagar’s writing is honest and haunting – I found myself thinking about the novel for weeks after my first reading. Add it to your list now!

Saltwater Moons - Julie Gittus
Published by Hachette, 2008
272 pages

I was kind of blown away by this book! Saltwater Moons is the coming-of-age story of seventeen year-old Sunday ‘Sun’, as she completes her final year of high school and discovers the truth about love, lust and loyalty. The novel surprised me in many ways (one being that Sun is from my tiny town!), the other being how openly Gittus writes about sex and sexual desire for young women (refreshingly honest and real – I’ve said before, I think this is an area that’s a bit glossed over in a lot of work). The poetry throughout the book is gorgeous, and the characters are achingly real.

Chasing Boys - Karen Tayleur
Published by black dog books, 2007
244 pages

Ariel’s life has just been downsized. She’s moved to a smaller house, to public school but is struggling to move on and come to terms with her father’s actions. I thought that El’s family situation was handled with care and I liked that Tayleur didn’t gloss anything over. There are also cute boys, friendship dramas and a sizeable dose of teen angst. I read Chasing Boys in one solid hit and it’s an enjoyable read. Also the movie references throughout, as El and her friends play the film-scenario game, definitely made the book for me (c’mon, are you really surprised?).


Nomes said...

love these mini reviews.

aussie contemp is my go-to genre as well. i am rarely ever let down by it. so glad i live here and have access to all this brilliance :)

brave chickens said...

Movie references always kill me. I never get them. :(

btw, I really liked how you summed up Raw Blue. I've seen lengthy blog posts about it, and although I haven't read it yet (year 12, aaagh!) you've given me a good idea of what to expect. LOL, when it was first released I thought it was just about vampires surfing :P

Missie said...

Sadly, I'm not an Aussie, but the whole country from the people to the cultures to the fiction fascinates me. I loved Blue Raw. Like you, I thought of the story for weeks after reading. And I can't wait to read Saltwater Moons. I will need to add Chasing Boys to the ever going list.

Thanks for the mini reviews Steph.

*hugs from TX*

Jillian said...

I want to read Chasing Boys the most for some reason. It sounds really interesting.

Miss Friday said...

Nomes - thank you!

Brave Chickens - haha, I totally thought Raw Blue was a supernatual romance before reading it (I hadn't really read any reviews/summaries of it)

Missie - yay for Aussie love!

Jillian - it's great! I think another edition was published in the US and I believe you can purchase it on Book Depository :)

Angie said...

I loved RAw Blue. Loved. Loved. Loved it. :)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I have read all three and agree with your snack size reviews. We are so lucky to have such awesome aussie contemp authors :)

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