Saturday, April 9, 2011

Polyvore Profile - Girl Meets Cake

I've mentioned before I'm not only a huge fan of Simmone Howell, but love her blog feature Anatomy of a Novel. It's from this feature, I heard of Girl Meets Cake by Susie Day. After reading Susie's guest-post (and realising her book had many things I love to read about - fandom, musical theatre and slightly-nerdy-but-awesome girls), I had to check it out! Girl Meets Cake is a fun read about boys, boarding school and baked goods. This week's Polyvore Profile was inspired by the novel's protagonist, Heidi Ryder.


♥ You can read the first chapter of the delightful Girl Meets Cake on Susie's website
♥ View the book trailer for My Invisible Boyfriend (the US title of Girl Meets Cake)
♥ For a fun time-waster, Susie has a Girl Meets Cake personality test


Katie Edwards said...

What a brilliant title: Girl Meets Cake. The ultimate love story. (Maybe that's just me. I am a big fan of cake.) I'm interested just from the title, and throw in the boarding school aspect - you've got me.

Katie Edwards said...

... and I've just watched the trailer and think that YES I have to read this book! :) :)

Miss Friday said...

Awww, hope you get a copy and enjoy it Katie! It's a really fun book :)

brave chickens said...

I always see 'Girl Meets Cake' on my local library's shelves but never borrow it (don't know why...?). I hope you write up a review for it, so that I can be convinced to borrow it. :)

btw, thank you so much for the post card! :D It's very lovely and has got me thinking to participate in a postcard exchange.

Miss Friday said...

Hey BC - the UK cover (above) is a little bit tweeny and reminds me of another middle-grade series, so maybe that's why? But it is great and worth a read. And glad you liked the post card :)

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