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City in Pages - Melbourne Part 3

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Before starting this series, I didn't really think about how many young adult novels were set in my fair city of Melbourne, and I've really enjoyed picking up on the references to some of my favourite places (as well as learning about new ones!). You can read Part One and Part Two by clicking on the appropriate links.

Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley
Published by Pan Macmillan, 2010

Crown Casino
So this is a bit of an assumption, as I don’t think it’s specified that the casino mentioned in Graffiti Moon is Crown Casino but guesstimating from some of the events of the book and the fact that a famous psychic is visiting, I’d say Crown is a possible setting (sorry if I’m wrong Cath!). The Crown complex is huge (the size of approximately two city blocks) and according to Wikipedia, has over 2,500 slot machines!

Montague St

Across the Yarra and off the Westgate freeway, you have Montague street to take you though South Melbourne and through to Albert Park. You can also find the Montague St Deli here (mmmmmm).

Also mentioned: Camberwell train line, National Gallery, and Monash University
My review of Graffiti Moon can be found here.
Graffiti Moon fans should also check out this fantastic post from Adele at Persnickety Snark, which looks at all the artwork mentioned throughout the novel.

The Good Daughter - Amra Pajalic
Published by Text Publishing, 2009

St Albans
Despite growing up (and still living) in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, I have a certain fondness for St Albans as my great-aunt and uncle used to live there (having emigrated from Leeds and the Netherlands respectively) and we had a lot of family Christmas lunches at their house. Here’s a video of Amra talking about her own relationship with St Albans.

Highpoint Shopping Centre
Known colloquially by some as ‘Knifepoint’, Highpoint Shopping Centre is hailed as the “centre for fashion in the West”. Thanks to Wikipedia, I also discovered it is Victoria’s fifth biggest shopping centre (to which I am now intrigued – Chadstone is obviously number 1, but what are number 2, 3 and 4? Any other Melburnians have insight to share?). Being a North-East gal, I haven’t been to Highpoint, but I did recently read that in 2013 it will be home to the first David Jones department store in the region.

King St
Smack-bang in the middle of the CBD and at night, home to the hub of Melbourne’s strip clubs (as well as many non-nude bars and nightclubs).

Also mentioned: Sunshine Library, Thornbury, and Flinders St station
You can read my review of The Good Daughter here and be sure to check out Amra's website.

Halfway to Good - Kirsten Murphy
Published by Penguin, 2009

Chapel Street
Home of the Jam Factory, upmarket boutiques and ‘Chaps laps’, Chapel St is one of Melbourne’s best-known shopping strips. I tmostly try to avoid Chapel St as much as possible (too many people, not enough parking and most shops are out of my price range!), but personally, my favourite thing there is the Chapel Street Bazaar, where you can literally spend hours poking through all things weird and wonderful – vintage movie posters, old homewares, collectables, clothes and other interesting and kitsch tidbits. It’s like one huge second-hand shop.

Lazy Moe's
Whilst it could just be coincidental, but there are a number if Lazy Moe's in Melbourne (so one of them could be the one frequented by Jacqui and Anna in Halfway to Good) - you can find your own Lazy Moe's in Tullamarine, Oakleigh, Maribrynong and Forrest Hill.

You can also read my review of Halfway to Good here.


Braiden said...

Yep I know Lazy Moe’s in Tulla and Moonee Ponds. Living in the North I only really go to Highpoint and it is pretty big. Maybe Southland squeaks in as bigger or maybe even Northland (which I know ain’t that huge).

Miss Friday said...

Ahhh, so you're a North-sider Braiden! Hmmm I haven't been to Southland, but I've heard it's big (when I worked in retail, one of our bigger stores was at that centre) - but I was talking about it with my dad, who thinks Knox could be #2 (because I agree with you - even after a refurb, Northland isn't that big)

Missie said...

I love this feature to pieces! I love connecting places in stories to their actual places.

I have high hopes to one day visit Australia, and I think will print out these posts for my guides. :)

Miss Friday said...

Awww, thanks Missie! I'm hoping to do more posts with other cities (like Sydney and London) so stay tuned.

And yay, hope you make it to Australia one day (if you come to Melbourne, I can definitely take you around to some of these places haha)

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