Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bookshelf Project

I've been putting off re-organising my bookshelf for at least the last six months. I decided that yesterday (Good Friday) would be the day I'd finally do it, as I had no excuses not to. So after an epic sleep-in, I started the painful process of pulling everything off my shelving unit (an Ikea Bitrade bookcase next to an Expedit unit).

I forgot to take a 'before' photo, but here are the contents of my bookshelves when emptied onto my floor:

I didn't actually think I had that many books and magazines until I pulled everything off the shelves! Everything here is in loose piles whilst I was trying to work out an organising system (I like my books grouped by genre, which isn't as aesthetically pleasing as by colour, but makes it easy to find things).

The empty shelves waiting to be filled with booky goodness! (I also keep my stereo and small CD collection on my shelves, which takes up 2 spaces, which was a bit annoying to work around)

First shelves filled: L-R my Puffin childrens classics and owl money box, Harry Potter series and my Roald Dahl books, Anne of Green Gables collection and my hardback childrens books, stero.
Row 2 - Australian YA (the first shelf is alphabetical by author, the second shelf is for Australian series/authors I own more than one of their novels).

Next to my Aussie YA are my favourite international YA titles (John Green and the David Levithan/Rachel Cohen collaborations) and my small CD collections (I won't lie, it's mostly movie soundtracks, Broadway cast recordings and everything Ben Lee ever produced). The below shelf has all my zombie books (though am missing Daniel Waters Kiss of Life).

The rest isn't as perfectly organised (I have too many sub-categories of books!).
Next to zombie books are my YA series/paranormal, followed by more YA, then my travel and marketing books. This was probably the section I culled the most books from, and now have a handy 'to swap' pile.
Bottom row - classics and plays, biographies and non-fiction, then adult fiction.

This is the Expedia unit. The top part, I usually use as a dumping ground from random papers/receipts/junk but I cleared off the crap to make it my 'to-read' pile. I picked up those cute bookends at one of the Borders closing-down sales for a bargain price and am excited to now show them off.
On the shelves are my film books and more Hollywood biographies, then my collection of Frankie magazines. I need to buy a few more magazine holders for the last shelf, but then that will be home to my other magazines and Voiceworks collection and a few coffee table books (on far right).

Phew! I'm glad I finally got around to doing this, as I must say my shelves look quite spiffy now. I've even managed to clear some space for new books! Anyway, how to do you organise your books? Feel free to share pictures in the comments, or on your blog, so I can drool over your books!


Cass (Words on Paper) said...

The shelf looks gorgeous, Steph! Congratulations for putting your foot down and organising it all. :)

Nina B. said...

Those are really cute bookends. Congrats for finally ruling over your bookshelves :D

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kate.o.d said...

oh d-d-dear. your shelves look ace. my shelves are not organised. with the exception of pretty books and classics and books-that-will-make-me-look-smart-in-front-of-visitors being in the shelf in the lounge room. that shelf is mostly organised by genre.

Miss Friday said...

Cass - thank you! I'm glad I finally did it :)

Nina - thanks!

Kate - aww thank you! Unfortunately I have to keep my whole collection in my room, so I keep having to cull (can't wait til I have my own house with books spread throughout evey room!)

brave chickens said...

Your bookshelf looks so neat and organised. I love it! My textbook and schoolbooks collection is much larger than my fiction :(

btw, there's an event at Brunswick library on 4th May about Frankie and how it started, etc... with its editor (who started Frankie, methinks).
Just letting you know in case you're interested. :)

Nomes said...

this is awesome.

i love spying, i mean peeking at other peoples shelves. i really like those actual shelves and am aiming to get a set (one day)

i recently did my book shelves as well (although they are only an old set i got from salvos ten years ago). it feels good having them organised.

i order by genre too. and put all my Aussie ya together

Miss Friday said...

Brave Chickens - thanks! I still have a lot of my old schoolbooks too, but I keep them in storage. And thanks for the info on the Frankie event, I'll have to have a look - sounds great :)

Nomes - thanks Nomes! The ikea shelves are great (though weigh a freaking tonne and when I move out, I think we'll have to take them apart arggggh) and agree, it's nice having your books all nicely organised :) here's hoping I can keep mine that way haha

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