Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snack Size #12

Sorry for the slowness around here lately. I've had a bit of a hectic week at work, and have only just recovered. I've also been working on some fun guest posts I hope to share with you all soon.

Anyway, it's back! My first lot of Snack Size reviews for 2011, and they're all Australian. Each piece is a tiny, bite-sized reviewlette at 100 words each.

Darkwater - Georgia Blain
Published by Random House Australia, 2010

Darkwater is a mystery set in 1973, in a quiet, riverside suburb following the murder of a popular schoolgirl. Now you all know I love my ‘missing / dead girl’ books but I actually felt that Winter‘s (the narrator) coming-of-age story was more powerful and engaging than the mystery aspect surrounding the murder of Amanda. I loved the way the dynamics of Winter’s family were captured in the novel (her mother and her plotline were especially interesting).
Blaine’s writing is subtle and easy to read and Darkwater has just the right mix of suspense and personal exploration.

What Now, Tilda B? - Kathryn Lomer
Published by UQP, 2010

Matilda is restless. She lives in a small coastal town, is almost finished her schooling and has no idea what she wants to do next (despite being asked constantly by those around her). It’s when Tilda discovers two seals stranded on her beach, that things start to change. I really liked Tilda and thought she was well-developed and relatable for young teen girls, and enjoyed reading about a girl who lived with her grandparents, and loved her bff Sharon’s obsession with hair. The writing is understated, pleasant and believable and What Now, Tilda B is an enjoyable afternoon read.

Chasing Charlie Duskin - Cath Crowley
Published by Pan Macmillan, 2005

Chasing Charlie Duskin is about two girls, two boys and one summer in a country town. Rose who longs to escape and Charlie who needs to find herself and put her family back together. I adored this book! The characters are very well developed and Charlie, in particular, was so easy to like and you so badly want things to work out for her. Cath Crowley’s writing is so touching and there’s this beautiful combination of humour and poetry and just amazing-ness.
Released in the US as A Little Wanting Song. Oh my goodness, this book is completely wonderful - please read it!


Megan Burke said...

i LOVED what now, tilda b?

Miss Friday said...

Megs - awww, I'm glad - I really enjoyed it - thought there was something really lovely about it :)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Love Chasing Charlie Duskin. Really want to read the other two. Glad you enjoyed them all :)

kate.o.d said...

i really loved charlie duskin and tilda b - but haven't given darkwater much of a chance. not a fan at all of dead/missing girl stories. but after your wee review i reckon i should try again. thanks!

Miss Friday said...

Nic - thanks! I absolutely adored CCD - am really excited to re-read it again in a few weeks too

Kate - aww, you're welcome Kate - I think it's worth another go (I have to say, I found all the background stuff, the details about Winter's family and Winter's own story more enjoyable/a better focus than the murder-mystery itself). If you read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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