Monday, February 21, 2011

Popcorn - John Hughes Edition (Part 2)

Almost immediately after posting my first batch of Popcorn reviews of John Hughes movies, I knew I was going to have to do a Part Two. There's really just too much awesome to try and contain to one post. So here's another mini-reviewlettes (100 words each) on three John Hughes films.

Weird Science (1985)
Written & directed by John Hughes

A predecessor for American Pie, Weird Science is a teenage male wet-dream film, as two 'geeks' create their dream woman from an internet connection and a Barbie doll. Obviously it's slightly less grounded in reality than John Hughes other works, but still a good-albeit-goofy, comedy (though I do feel of all his teen films, this has probably dated the most - some of the technology scenes and graphics are cringe worthy). Still, I'd probably rate it above most contemporary teen-sex-comedies (think Sex Drive and The Girl Next Door). Also definitely worth watching for a young, pre heroin habit Robert Downey Jnr.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
Written and directed by John Hughes

A film about the most epic sick day ever. As much as I absolutely adore this film, I can’t say it’s mt favourite because (if I’m totally honest) I kind of hate Ferris a little. I think it boils down to the fact that I’m too much of a Jeanie and that my brother is a total Ferris. That and I feel like Ferris is kind of a dick to Cameron, and Cameron is pretty much the greatest character in the film. Danke Schoen is completely random but highlights why JH is a legend because he makes it work. Also, this theory will blow your mind.

Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)
Written by John Hughes
Directed by Howard Deutch

Also known as Pretty in Pink – Part Deux (the way it was supposed to be!). This time the love triangle is reversed  - Keith from a working class family, has the hots for teen-goddess Amanda Jones, whilst his best friend, Watts (who is a total bad-arse) is unable to express her true feelings for him. Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts makes this film, though Eric Stoltz is also a major (ginger) fox. Keith has that mix of sensitive-artist-misfit down pat and thank goodness JH got his way this time with the damn ending! Hurry up and watch it already!

I'll leave you with some young Eric Stoltz (you're welcome!)


Aimee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who's not all over Ferris like a rash - I just never got why everyone thought he was such a great guy when he was such a narcissistic asshat. (Love the theory, BTW - makes the whole film much more likeable for me.)

Miss Friday said...

Aimee - amen to that!!!! I just don't get all the love, when he is such a dick to everyone (especially Cameron). And yes, the theory is kind of amazing!

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