Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Polyvore Profile - Sam La Croix

Ok, so I think it's kind of obvious from my review of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer that I have a teeny-tiny-full-blown literary crush on one Samhain La Croix. So I thought he was definitely worthy of his own Polyvore Profile.

Samhain LaCroix

♥ Lish McBride's website and blog.
♥ Kate of Bean There, Read That's review
♥ Read an extract on the Penguin website (warning - this contains a spoiler for those who want to avoid spoilers like the plague)
♥ Check out Just Your Typical Book Blog tomorrow, as there will be a little something Necromancer-y on there from me (hint, hint).


Lishism said...

I hope you don't mind--I stumbled across your collage and shared it on the HMCN facebook page. Thanks for the book love!

Miss Friday said...

No, thank you for commenting! You totally made my day :)

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