Friday, February 18, 2011

Mixed Bag #30

Wow! It's been a bit of a crazy week in the world of books. Here's my list (sorry it's been absent over the last two weeks) of things online that have amused, interested or entertained me. Enjoy:

image source: we ♥ it

♥ I'm a tad obsessed with this video haha

Assistant Attitude from Kit Lit - I love this article so much! As a former intern/literary agent assistant, I

♥ Nathan Bransford asks - have blogs peaked?

♥ Adele of Persnickety Snark and Megan of Literary Life both respond to recent controversy in the book blogging community.

♥ Sad news, Borders Australia has gone into administration (not a good week, with the US company also filing for bankruptcy). Even if you don't like the chain, take a moment to think about how much it's got to suck for the employees :(

Television Without Pity has the best and worst YA novel adaptations

♥ Speaking of which, Logan Lerman is rumoured to be joining Selena Gomez in the 13 Reasons Why adaptation.

Agent Lover talks about the newest book from one of my personal heroes, John Waters.

♥ Alien Onion share some of their favourite literary romances.

Happy Friday!


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I don't really picture Selena Gomez as Hannah but she might surprise me and do a wonderful job.

Great mixed bag :)

Miss Friday said...

Nic - I agree, not what I pictured at all!

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

Wow, is there any popular YA book that hasn't been turned into a tv or film yet!

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