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City in Pages - Melbourne Part 2

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As promised, here is Part 2 - a short tour around Melbourne via some of my favourite YA novels.

Pink - Lili Wilkinson
Published by Allen & Unwin, 2009
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is one of my favourite places in Melbourne. Located in Federation Square, ACMI has two cinemas (which play a huge range of movies - from cult classics to old favourites and are cheaper than your Hoyts/Village multiplex) and also host a number of exhibitons - both permanent (like Screenworlds) and temporary, like the Tim Burton Retrospective and Disney's Dreams Come True. They also house screening stations (where you can access files from ACMI and the National Film and Sound Archive), digital workshops and a video garden. Check out the ACMI website for upcoming events and I highly recommend a visit!

The Westgarth
Possibly my favourite cinema in Melbourne! It’s a beautiful Art Deco building, with three screens. Formally known as the Valhalla, it was once home to regular 24-hour movie marathons (like the one in Pink). Now owned by Palace Cinemas, the Westgarth still have the Cult Vault on Fridays (they are showing The Goonies next month!!!! Count me in), but now mostly show art house films.
Royal Arcade
Connecting Collins and Bourke streets is the Royal Arcade. Like Flinders St Station, the design came about from a public competition, which was won by Charles Webb (an English architect) and is built in a Renaissance Revival style. Personally, I’m rather fond of these guys, Gog and Magog, who guard the Gaunt’s clock.
Melbourne CentralA shopping centre and office space with an underground train station. It’s most distinctive feature is probably the Glass Cone ceiling (which according to Wiki is the largest glass structure of it’s kind in the world!), though it’s also home to the Coops Shot Tower (now used as an RM Williams store and Shot Tower museum). The other ‘attraction’ housed at Melbourne Central is the Marionette Fob Watch (which is either charming or the bane of your existence, depending on how often you visit the centre. Once you have worked at a shop directly behind the clock, you kind of come to hate it with a fiery fashion – speaking from experience). It plays Waltzing Matilda every hour, on the hour complete with an Australian marionette display.
Hurstbridge train lineAs this is my line, I do feel rather fond of it (despite the fact that my station sometimes only has one train per hour and basically consists of a tin shed and a ticket machine). Still, it's quite a nice line to ride (from Eltham to Hurstbridge you get some nice rural views) and thanks to Megan for telling me, is the only section of the Melbourne train line (apart from the underground city loop) with tunnels.
Dennis StationHow can I not mention this? Located on the Hurstbridge train line between Fairfield and Westgarth, Dennis Station first opened in February 1924. There's not terribly much else to say about Dennis, so I'll leave you with a picture.

Jarvis 24 - David Metzenthen
Published by Penguin, 2009

Flinders Street Station
Ok, you really can't talk about Melbourne without at least one mention of Flinders St Station (there's a picture of it in my Part 1 post). It is the centre of the Melbourne train network and the distinctive French-Renaissance style building covers two city blocks (from Queen to Swanston streets. Most people will know the building from the clocks above the main enterance (which for a while was a prime hang-out for emos, for some unknown reason). Fun fact - Flinder St Station houses a (now pretty much derelict) ballroom - pictures here.
 Also mentioned in Graffiti Moon, The Good Daughter and Pink.

Olympic Park
This outdoor stadium was originally built as a training ground for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics (hence the name). Whilst it’s predominantly been used for athletics meets, it was the first Australian ground to be recognised by FIFA as a soccer ground (thanks Wikipedia!) and was home of NRL team Melbourne Storm up until 2009. The original Olympic Park grounds were demolished in late 2009 to make way for new training grounds for the Collingwood Football team.
Whew! There's still more to come - check back soon for Part Three featuring The Good Daughter and Graffiti Moon.


Nomes said...

argh. what is it with Melbourne? all the cool books are set there and all the happening events. I'm in the wrong state!

LOVE this series you're doing. Do you wander around Melbourne getting nostalgic for all the characters who have wandered around there too? I know I feel that way about books set in place I know (Sydney, the blue mountains...)

Looking forward to graffiti moon and the good daughter (which I've read now and LOVED!) coming up.

CathCrowley said...

I love this series too - I feel like I'm behind and just catching up. I feel like getting out in Melbourne today and rediscovering it.

Miss Friday said...

Nomes - awww I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
I have to say, I do squeal a little bit when I read and recongise a place (like Kobe from Pink being from my hometown or a scene from Graffiti Moon where the street I work on is mentioned!)

Glad you loved the Good Daughter - I'm really looking forward to writing about it :)

Cath - awww thank you! hope you're able to get out today and have a wander and enjoy the afternoon (though in typical Melb style, the weather doesn't look too promising!)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Great post! And I agree with Nomes, Melbourne does get the coolest books and events. I will have to come visit go old Melbourne :)

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