Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polyvore Profile - Eliza Boans

Last year I was lucky enough to see Shirley Marr appear at the Melbourne Writers Festival (and get to speak to her briefly afterwards). I really enjoyed her debut novel, Fury, and reviewed it here. I've been deliberating over doing an Eliza Boans Polyvore for a while now - so I hope you enjoy it:

Eliza Boans

♥ You can read a sample from Fury here.
♥ I think the cover for Fury is absolutely stunning (seriously, one of my favourites!), but Shirley has also posted a number of the rejected cover designs, which I find really interesting. Part Two of the rejected covers is here.
♥ Shirley Marr's hilarious blog


Shirley Marr said...

Miss Friday, how I love thee and your beautiful tastes

Miss Friday said...

Nawww, thank you Shirley! :)

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