Friday, January 14, 2011

Mixed Bag #27

Good morning friends! Here is my weekly collection of links to things that have interested and/or amused me recently, to keep you entertained this morning - hope you enjoy them:

image source: we ♥ it

♥ ABC are developing a mini-series based on Wicked, the 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire.

Girl with A Satchel wants to know - why are these titles not films yet? Totally agree, especially with Chain of Hearts (one of my favourite Maureen McCarthy novels).

♥ Megan's series on Literary Life about online vs in-store book buying has really blown me away. If you haven't read it yet, get cracking!

♥ Another great series - this time from the lovely folks at Alien Onion on what editors do.

♥ I adored Jordyn's post on that moment over at Ten Cent Notes. This is beautiful.

♥ Not book related, but a worthy read anyway: Brunch at Saks on paying it foward.

Happy Friday!


Mad Scientist said...

THat is an amazing photo. a series on Wicked... what? Can't wait!

Mad Scientist

Nomes said...

that movie post is GOLD. so many books I love in there :) Girl Most Likely has been optoined :)


Jordyn said...

Aww, thanks so much for linking to my post. :)

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