Friday, January 7, 2011

Mixed Bag #26

Good morning blog-o-sphere! Below is a small round-up of things I've found interesting/amusing/exciting to share with you all this week:

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♥ I adore Simmone Howell's Anatomy of a Novel series, on her blog post-teen trauma. I love hearing about the inspiration behind an author's work and why certain elements were so important to their story. I already posted the link to Kathy Charles' Hollywood Ending, but there's also Fiona Woods' Six Impossible Things and Amra Pajalic's The Good Daughter. Check it out!

♥ Megan has written an interesting piece on Online Book Buying vs Retail Shops in response to recent debate in Australia in regard to shopping online and the cost on Australian businesses and industries.
She's also produced a great article on how to support local authors.

♥ For your viewing pleasure - Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed. This is so clever and perfect for a boredom-busting laugh this afternoon.

♥ Fore more Twilight-lulz, I'm actually quite a fan of the (sadly now discontinuted) webseries Growing Up Cullen on Livejournal. If you are not a Twi-hard, like snark and enjoy other fun things like Alex Reads Twilight, I think you will appreciate this! Part One, Two, Three, Four and the Christmas Special.

♥ Not totally book related, but cute anyway - new Diana Agron and Alex Pettyfer photoshoot to promote I Am Number Four. So pretty (both of them!) and I would like her headwear from this shoot (please!). I Am Number Four is due to be released February 18th (US and UK) and February 24th (Australia).

Happy Friday!


Megan Burke said...

happy friday to you too, steph! and thanks for the shout-out!

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I loved the Anatomy of a Novel post Simmone Howell did for Six Impossible Things!

brave chickens said...

Alex Reads Twilight is absolutely hilarious! XD And it was great when for one on the videos his friend Charlie took over. Their commentary is just gold.

Romy @ said...

Thanks Steph for highlighting Megan's blog post on the whole shopping online thing that's going on at the moment which I'm not too pleased about (I'm a HUGE bookdepository shopper). Totally agree with brave chickens (love the name BTW) Alex Reads Twilight is hilarious!

Miss Friday said...

Megan - no worries, you're welcome!

Nic - me too! This series is so fab :D

Brave Chickens - haha, yeah I love Charlie too and watch a lot of his videos

Romy - no worries - it's an interesting topic and Megan is going to be doing a whole series about it soon (yay!)

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