Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Things #51 - 55

I feel as though the Happy Things feature got a bit mislaid towards the end of 2010. As I'm about halfway through my 43 Things goal of listing 100 things that make me happy, I want to start it up again. Here are my picks for the week, as always, please feel free to share your own happy things (either in the comments of in your own blog post!):

51. New Year
I love beginning of a New Year. I'm big for resolutions, making plans, setting goals and starting things fresh (now whether or not I actually stick with them is another thing altogether, but I really like the thought of them). I'm really hoping for a great 2011 and have already started to make some exciting plans and am looking forward to seeing what the year will bring.

52. Misfits
Definitely in my Top 5 Favourite Shows (ever). I only discovered it in mid 2010 and spent my Christmas break finishing Season 2 (it's so good that I didn't want to have to wait for each episode to air and instead watching them in one glorious weekend!). If you haven't seen or heard of it, it's kind of Skins meets Heroes and is completely made of awesome, so you should check it out!

53. Just Dance
My brother went and bought himself a Wii late 2010 and ever since, I've been dying to get Just Dance - after having spent hours playing it when I babysit my cousins. Let me tell you, it's all sorts of fun (especially after a couple of drinks). We ended up spending Christmas night playing it as a family and it was a really great evening, after a crazy couple of days. Now I just have to get the Broadway version and my life will be complete ...

54. Being lazy
As much as I enjoying making plans and doing things, I am also rather fond of having days where you do nothing at all. I think we all need some lazy days (you know, when you spend all day in your PJs watching DVDs and drinking cups of tea - surely that's not just me?) where you have no plans except to chill out.

55. Dinner Parties
Maybe this is a bit silly, but I love a good dinner party. My friend recently had one for her birthday and made the most amazing meal (more like feast!) from scratch - I was beyond impressed (seriously, I need to pick up the game with my cooking skills now).
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What makes you happy?


brave chickens said...

I tried looking for the show Misfits a while ago, after finding it on Wikipedia (y'know when you start clicking link after link). It's good you've reminded me again! :)

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