Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PS Five Challenge - 5 Great YA Bloggers

I've been partcipating (mostly) in Persnickety Snark's Five Challenge. I'm especially excited with today's topic of 5 Great Bloggers, because it gives me a chance to share some of my favourite blogs, from lovely people who are not only generally awesome, but have helped me a lot in my own blogging over the year.

Nomes of inkcrush
Anyone who has ever received a comment or email from Nomes will surely understand when I say that she is just one of the nicest, sweetest people in blog-land! Nomes is so lovely, and her blog is always full of YA (especially Aussie) goodness! Yay Nomes!

Megan of Literary Life
Megs is also insanely awesome. She somehow manages to do a million interesting/exciting/literary things at once, and find time to blog about it. Her blog never fails to make me laugh, or make me think about an aspect of a novel or blogging or an issue I hadn't previously thought about before. I love that she is so passionatelt involved in the Australian literary scene - go Megs!

Kate of Bean There, Read That
Oh Kate - of fabulous musical taste and lover of good coffee! Kate was one of the first blogs I started regularly reading when I started mine and I just adore Bean There, Read That! Her book reviews are always so insightful and her coffee/food photos make me want to go try more cafes here in Melbourne. I was also lucky enough to meet her at the MWF and she is lovely!

Romy of Lost in Stories
Again, Romy was someone who started blogging at a similar time to me and of course, I'm a huge fan of Lost in Stories. Her reviews are always well-written and thoughful and her writing has even convinced me to give some more supernatural YA more of a go (after not really reading any since my experience with Breaking Dawn in 2009). Seriously, if you don't already, starting reading Romy's blog!

Jess of Start Narrative Here
Ah Jess - I'm super lucky to have known Jess before starting this blog (actually, I used to read her film reviews on LJ and was mega-jealous of how amazing film-literate she is and of how well she writes). Anyway, when she started her reading blog, I was rather excited and she definitely inspired me to start my own. Jess's blog is fantastic and her writing is always so perceptive and always makes me want to try and write more than just "this book was awesome".

Which blogs are your must-reads?
Who should I add to my Google reader?


Lenore said...

Most of these are new to me - will check them out, thanks!

Lauren said...

Inkcrush and Bean There, Read That are both must-read blogs for me, so I'll definitely check out your other choices. Thanks for the heads up.

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Nomes blog is my favourite and she is definitely one the nicest people out there in the blog land. Romy is another blogger I adore. Will have to go check out the others you have mentioned :)

brave chickens said...

I agree, Nomes from Inkcrush is awesome, and I love how she puts Aussie YA out there.

kate.o.d said...

thank you! you're ace. we should have coffee sometime. (i know just the place - ha!!)

i love reading your blog also. never miss a post - and i love your film influence. we have rawther similar tastes.


Missie said...

Cool. Found some new YA blogs to follow. Thanks.

Nomes said...

Oooh, thanks Steph :) I'm grinning back at you from my (mother-in-law's) computer screen.

Thanks matey :)

Yours is one of my faves too ~ always love seeing your blog pop up in my reader.

and yeah, i love the other bloggers you mentoined too. I'm amongst some honoured company.


Hope you're having a lovely break :)

Megan Burke said...


How utterly lovely and flattered i am:)x

Miss Friday said...

Lenore - yay, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Lauren - your welcome! Hope you enjoy them!

Nic - yay, hope you like the others - and yes, Nomes and Romy are both awesome :)

Brave Chickens - Nomes is very awesome!

Kate - awww, no thank you - I adore your blog and yes, coffee sometime in the New Year would be fab!

Missie - yay, hope you enjoy them!

Nomes - awww, you're so sweet - you really are a fab blogger and I can't wait to see what you read and write about in the New Year.

Megs - you are very welcome! You and your blog are totally fab and I think you are awesome :D

YA Yeah Yeah said...

Some new ones on me there that I'll definitely check out! My own recommendations:

I Was A Teenage Book Geek

Michelle’s Bookshelf

Steph Su Reads

YA Book Queen

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