Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Polyvore Profile - Rosie Moon

Time for another Polyvore Profile - this time it's for Rosie Moon of Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose. This is one of those books I have heard about forever but had never got around reading. This year, I listened to the whole thing on an audiobook (and it was fantastic!).

Review from Teenreads
♥ Kate's post on remembering Guitar Highway Rose - I think I would have been obsessed with this too, had I read it when I was 15
Teacher's guide for teaching Guitar Highway Rose


Nomes said...

lovely and oh-so-perfect!

I adore Rose and the book - you really should check it out in the flesh - it's got the cutest deign layout and all kinds of funky little extras in there :)

kate.o.d said...

was the audio book read by one person or were there lots of actors being all the different characters? how interesting - i'd love to listen to it.

p.s. i do love this book. a lot.
p.p.s i love that you put a dream catcher in your picture.

Girl Friday said...

Nomes - Aww thanks! I'll have to track down a copy of the book to see the little extras :)

Kate - It was read by one person doing all the characters. It was surprisingly really good - especially Pip and Pip's mum haha

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