Monday, November 29, 2010

What's in your bag?

Right before I started this blog, Simmone Howell did one of these posts and I got glimpses into the bags of some really awesome people (I know, I'm totally nosey). Anyway, I thought it might be a fun way to start the week by giving you a glimpse of what I carry in my bag on a daily basis (you're lucky you've caught me at the start of the week when my bag is relatively crap-free - normally I haul a lot of junk around with me). Feel free to post pictures of what's in your bag too!

The Bag: Purchased from Kate Hill a couple of months ago. Holds loads of stuff, which is great because I'm usually kind of a pack-rat. Scarf is from Alannah Hill and is to hide the bits of hardware (screws?) that are missing from the handle of the bag - and to look pretty haha.

The Contents:
Top Row - purse with ID and $, coin purse and pretty enviro bag from Steph Bowe
Middle - cheap sunglasses, USB, real glasses (I have terrible eyesight!)
Bottom Row - phone (HTC Desire in pink case, because I am very clumsy), Sony e-reader in case, lipglosses (Rose Mint, Snow Fairy and Paul Frank), keys (for house and Dad's car), pen and pink iPod Nano.
What's Missing - Bottle of water, 2010 diary (now that the year's almost over I don't use it so much - which is bad because I always make plans then forget about them ... whoops), current read, my lunch.

What's in your bag?


Megan Burke said...

i love kate hill and alannah hill!

Girl Friday said...

Hehe, me too Megs! Wish I could afford more than AH scarves though :P

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