Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nano - Ten Days In

So I have a confession to make. My naNOwrimo (emphasis on the NO) experience isn't going so great.

I was so excited leading up to November, having been thinking about my story since last year's failed Nano. I had a playlist, I had characters and I knew where I wanted to start and how I wanted to end. But can I write? It's just not happening! I don't if it's because I'm good at visualising and maybe not so good at translating that vision to paper, but ouch, it's driving me nuts. I won't even say my word count because it's pretty embarrassing (and the counter on my profile hasn't been updated), but I'm nowhere near the target of 50,000. Argh!!!

Anyway, I'm still hopeful and determined to not throw in the towel yet - I still have a few free weekends and I think if I get my srs bsns writing face on and keep creeping along (I'm currently writing a lot of filler stuff for the story - like emails and IM conversations), maybe it will come along?

How is everyone else going? Is your writing moving along as you hoped it would, or are you well and truly stuck?  I'd love to hear how other people are progressing (please let me live vicariously through your successful writerly pursuits). Alternatively, do you have any tips or tricks for strugglers like me? Help a gal out!


kate.o.d said...

oh dear i am not going well at all. i thought that since school is over for the year i'd have so much time. but no. i'm currently five days behind schedule and nano website says if i keep going as i have been i won't finish until march 21. blerg. however, it's nice to know that when i do find an hour to write the words come. now just to find those spare hours.
keep plugging away, dear girl friday, just for funsies.

Nomes said...

i love this post.

mine is floundering too. i am starting again today.

my deleted scenes document is bigger than my actual document. i keep writing false start above everything.

i am in awe at how lame my attempt is actually.

i have opened a brand new document today and have 500 words. am already tempted to start again though.

i can't figure out where to start my story.

however - i LOVE the sounds of your story. and even if it's not as good as what's in your head - it's somewhere to start. i loved the link you had to john green saying he slashes 90% of his first draft! made me fell so much better!

good luck!


Melanie said...

The thing that motivates me is the little graph on the stats page. I'd probably just write 200-500 words each day and be content, but I have a problem with checking how close I am to what they want me to be and then I force myself to write until I get there. It's like pulling teeth most of the time and I know on rewrite, so much of the crap I'm dribbling on with will be gone.

Here's the thing though. Even if you don't 'win' NaNo, if it's got you writing then that's a good thing. At the moment I'm on track to finish, but who knows what could happen. But I'm proud that I have managed to do a little bit every day. For me, there's always a reason not to write--I have two jobs, I'm busy with uni, I sit at a computer all day every day--but I like that I've proved I can write a bit every day.

Maybe set yourself a little goal, or break it down a bit? Good luck.

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