Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mixed Bag #22

So I know I'm late (Mixed Bag has always been a Friday thing) but I forgot to schedule this post and I figured, better late than never! Here's some linky goodness for you to enjoy!

♥ I'm kind of in love with the Bedroom Philosopher.

♥ Another book series moves to the small screen with 'Sweep'.

♥ I love both posts on book-sharing and borrowing by Megan and Kate. I think I fall somewhere between the two - I'm happy to love my books to death/bend them/muck them up, but I don't want anyone else to!

♥ I find the controversy over risque GQ photoshoot featuring the cast of Glee to be really interesting (I kind of understand the hate, but does it remind anyone else of basically every single American Apparel ad campaign?)

Jason Schwartzman introducing the New York app for the iPad. Love him so frigging much (this seriously almost makes me want one).

John Green on NaNoWriMo (thanks for the link Aimee!)

Evolution of the Geek!

♥ Overthinkingit's amazing Female Character Flowchart. Wow, just wow.

Happy Saturday!


Good Golly Miss Holly said...

i'm checking out almost all these links. interesting!

Nomes said...

cool links (as always)

off to check some out :)

hope you're having a good weekend.

Andi B. Goode said...

Haha, I love the evolution of the geek. Although, are they all guys? Some of them look somewhat female-esque but I can't tell. Haha. And that flowchart is mind-boggling!!
-Andi x

Girl Friday said...

Holly - yay, enjoy!

Nomes - thank you! I am having a good weekend, hope you are too!

Andi - I think they are all guys, which kind of sucks. And yeah, the flowchart is insane/amazing :D

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Thanks for the links. I have an unhealthy love for John Green. And Glee. And Geeks. And strong female characters.

Spreadin' the love. Ah, yeah.

kate.o.d said...

I LOVE HIM. wonderful app ad. but he's married...sniff. maybe an iPad would make me feel better?

Girl Friday said...

Mrs DR - I have an unhealthy love for JG too!

Kate - me too!!!!!!!!! I think an iPad would certainly help ease the pain haha

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