Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Things #41 - 45

Hello friends! Time for another dose of Happy Things - as part of my 43 Things List, I write weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) lists of things that make me happy. As always, feel free to post your own Happy Things list on your blog or in the comments:

41. Laughing
Ok, this might be totally corny, but I do love to laugh. One of my favourite things is sitting around our kitchen table as a family, and laughing about silly things that have happened during the day (my dad's weird dreams, my brother's imitations of people on job sites). I feel like a good laugh can change your day.

42. Online Shopping
I used to really enjoy the experience of shopping, though unfortunately 7+ years of working at retail has slowly made me dislike shopping centres, crowds and obnoxious shoppers. I like being able to pick and click things and then the excitement of waiting for them to arrive in the mail!

43. Ice Cream
I have a huge sweet-tooth, and now that the weather is (slowly) heating up here in Melbourne, I can start eating more ice-cream! I love having ice-cream for dessert, especially when eaten outside on warm evening mmmmmm

44. Making Plans
It's a bit scary that this year is nearly over, but at the same time, it's also kind of exciting to make plans for next year. I've already bought concert tickets, planned trips to the Moonlight Cinema and have purchased a 2011 calendar - it feels a bit strange (but good).

45. Sweet emails and lovely comments
I've been so lucky to receive some really lovely emails and comments since starting this blog in March. Honestly, I'm so touched and thrilled every time I read them, I feel so lucky - so thank you to everyone!

all images are from we♥ it

What makes you happy?


Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

I love this meme. Laughing is definitely at the top of my list. And thanks for sharing where to find this images. I have been looking for ages for images for my blog and couldn't find the right site :)

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Laughter is good. And so is ice cream. And shopping.

Nice list.

Girl Friday said...

Nic - thank you! weheartit always has lovely photos

MrsDeRaps - thanks!

Actin' Up with Books said...

Posts like these make me happy! I think that your blog is a lot of fun with great reviews and I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award. Please visit my blog at to see how to receive the award.

If you don't participate in chain posts, I understand, but I wanted to let you know that I like your blog!

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