Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tips for Querying an Agent

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So as some of you may know, I've worked for a literary agent for around a year (well, up until last month when I started a new job, also in publishing). Back in June/July, I pitched an idea to my friend Emily, who is the editor of Ricochet, about writing a four-part series on advice for writings on the process of querying an agent. The pieces ran on the Ricochet blog and I had intended to post links to them here, but kind of forgot. Anyway, they are fairly general and some of the advice may seem quite obvious (but really you would be surprised how many queries I read with the agent's name spelt incorrectly!) but hopefully they may be of use or interest to someone. Here they are:

Everything you should do before sending your work out to an agent.

Tips for writing a professional query that (hopefully) won't end up in the no-thanks pile!

Waiting for a response, also what rejections and requests mean.

Part Four: What Now?
Your next move, taking on feedback and creating an action plan.

I've also included some other links that might be of interest to people interested in trying to get representation:
Seven Reasons Why Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter
Nathan Bransford's blog
Notes on Rejection from BookEnds LLC
Australian Literary Agents Association


Nomes said...

these are great - I'll check them out soon - not that I'm anywhere near querying, haha...

Girl Friday said...

Thanks Nomes! A lot of it is common sense type things anyway (like spelling the agent's name correctly and not sending a sci-fi manuscript to an agent who only does non-fiction) but hopefully they are of use someday!

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