Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polyvore Profile - Madeline

Because I have so much fun with these, I'm thinking about posting a new one every week. I'm going to start with one of my favourite childhood literary characters (largely because she was a redhead!) - Madeline!

"In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines,
lived twelve little girls, in two straight lines.
They left the house at half past nine ...
The smallest one was Madeline"
- Ludwig Bemelmans

Also, does anyone else automatically start humming the theme song when they think of Madeline 


brave chickens said...

Madeline! I loved the animated movie as well, when she'd been kidnapped.
Haha, just ask my mum how obsessed I was. I used to play the game and watch all the episodes on ABC.
Your post has brought me happy memories :D

kate.o.d said...

have you seen this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57EDxvldLD4&feature=related

"in truth, children are next door to sociopaths"


Fiona Wood said...

I made some reference to a Madeline scar when my daughter was having her appendix out, and the surgeon looked completely blank. Surely they should cover lit refs in the course!

Girl Friday said...

Brave Chickens - Hahaha, I remember watching it everyday on ABC after school!

Kate - omg, that was hi-larious! Thanks for sharing, loved it

Fiona - that is criminal! how could you not know?

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