Friday, October 8, 2010

Mixed Bag #19

Good morning friends! Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of mixed bag goodness last week, it was very slack of me - sorry! In saying that, I'm not much better this week and have got a teeny, weeny collection of links for you today.

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♥ McSweenys has courses I wish my college offered

♥ Sam Raimi to direct a prequel to The Wizard of Oz? Excuse me while my entrie childhood is ruined (I pretty much spent ages 3 to 5 thinking that I was Dorothy)

20 Brilliant Bookcase Designs from Incredible Things

Persnickety Snark has a brilliant interview with Lucy Christopher (author of Stolen) and discusses contemporary YA

♥ The Best and Worst Dressed Television Characters - Emma Pillsbury from Glee is pretty much my style icon!

♥ My mind = blown!!!! Kayne West + Twitter + insert 'Liz Lemon' = Tracy Jordan (I think the scary thing is that I can read every single one of these tweets in Tracy's voice)

♥ Nathan Bransford asks: would you consider self-publishing? My answer is always no. Sorry! What are you thoughts?

Happy Friday!


brave chickens said...

Self publishing seems a bit desperate. But if it's a book that is too 'extreme' in any sense, then it makes sense. However, I actually found a really nice YA novel that's self published (it's on my TBR list). The reivew that I found it from was positive, so it really depends.
btw, Eragon was self-published at first!

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