Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Things 36 - 40

Another Sunday, another dose of little things that make me very happy, as part of my 43 Things list (which I've been a bit slack at updating - sorry!). As always, feel free to tell me what makes you happy in the comments or post your own list.

36. Weekends
While I was in high school, I lived for weekends (even though in VCE, I felt like I spent them either working or doing homework and study). Then at uni, I totally took them for granted and now that I'm working full-time, I am definitely appreciating them! I'm loving sleeping in, making fun plans and lazy Sundays.

37. Bargains
I love a good bargain, though I hate fighting crowds. I'm not usually patient enough to shop at the big sales (like on Boxing Day) but I do ok - yesterday I got 6 dvds from Borders for $50 which I thought was a pretty good score (especially seeing as one of them had a RRP of $40). I also once got a $400 Alannah Hill dress for $150, which I thought was pretty good!

38. My Grandad's stories
My Grandad tells the best stories, even though sometimes I think they are more than a tad over-exaggerated haha. Sometimes I can't always understand his accent (despite living in Australia since the early 70s, he still has a heavy Yorkshire accent) but I usually just laugh when he does and it's all ok. PS. Isn't he the cutest little dude?

39. Music on my morning commute
I'm not exactly a morning person, and I have an hour train ride to work every morning. I love spending this time listening to my ipod - it gives me a chance to slowly wake up (so I'm not cranky when I get to work). My favourite morning tune are probably Jason Mraz, Ben Lee (of course!), Bat for Lashes and showtunes.

40. John Waters movies
I am a huge fan of John Waters - both in general (he is just an awesome, awesome guy) and his movies. I know they're not for everyone, but I adore them. I wrote my highest scoring paper in my hardest class at uni on Pecker (a piece which I'm still rather proud of). I can't really pick a favourite, but I do have very soft spots for Cry Baby, Hairspray and Female Trouble. I also threw in some lovely young Johnny Depp for your viewing pleasure.

What makes you happy?


Actin' Up with Books said...

I've just discovered your blog through inkcrush. I love it!. I'm a new follower.

Katie said...

Listening to music on the way to school makes me happy too. I love your blog!

Girl Friday said...

Acting Up - thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear you like it!

Katie - nawww, thank you! that's so lovely of you to say :)

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