Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Things 31 - 35

Sorry! I forgot to post my Happy Things last week - I don't even have an excuse or reason, I just plain forgot! Anyway, here is my weekly list of five things that make me happy, as part of my 43 Things list. As always, feel free to tell me what makes you happy in the comments, or write your own list on your blog.

31. Picnics
Now that spring has sprung and Melbourne is finally getting some sunshine again, it's time for picnic season to begin! I love a good picnic - yummy food, drinks and enjoying the sun - lovely.

32. Nanowrimo
I know it's still a month away, but I'm really excited! I love the planning stage and being passionate about your characters and story, and being able to share all this energy on the Nano forums.

33. Christmas Decorations at Shopping Centres
Ok, so I'm probably the only person in Australia who is happy to see the early arrival of Christmas decorations in shopping centres by October. Sorry! I can't help it - I'm a huge Christmas freak and seeing Myer's downstairs department turned into a winter wonderland of baubles and wrapping paper makes me feel giddy with pre-Christmas joy.

34. Book bloggers
Can I just say that book bloggers are insanely awesome. I've only been blogging (mostly about books) for nine months-ish and everyone I've come across has been super-friendly and lovely, and amazingly passionate about sharing a love of books and reading.

35. Birthdays
I love birthdays. Not just mine, but in general. I think there is something exciting about being able to celebrate someone's life and having that opportunity to tell them how much you appreciate. I love giving presents (isn't it the best when you find that perfect present and then watching as the person unwraps it?!) and cake is always, always good!
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What makes you happy?


Mrs. DeRaps said...

I'm not a scrooge, but I don't love seeing Christmas decorations for sale in August and September. I start to get excited around mid-November. I especially don't love Christmas music before the weather even turns chilly...There's something plastic and eerie about it.

I love all of the other stuff on your list, though!

brave chickens said...

Ypu're totally right about the weather! Since last weeks it's been sunny with the perfect amount of wind :)

Now...what makes moi happy? I guess a random list would be my pet chickens, a really good book (especially if I've been waiting for it), the perfect chai and food that's awesome makes me happy.

Girl Friday said...

Mrs DeRaps - I know I shouldn't get it excited, but I can't help it! Because we don't really have Halloween in Australia, it's the only big holiday after Easter to look forward to.

Brave Chickens - I love your list! Mmmm food and chai, and a good book!

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