Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tim Burton at ACMI

Back during Comment July Challenge, I was lucky enough to win a 'buy one, get one free' admittance to Tim Burton: The Exhibition at ACMI from Sea of Ghosts. I finally got around to using the pass last weekend and went with my sister early Saturday morning.

Unfortunately you aren't able to take photos inside the exhibition (due to copyright reasons), so there aren't many pretty pictures for you to look at, but I did manage to take a few in the outside/public areas though!
Both my sister and I are huge Tim Burton fans, so we'd be waiting to see this for a while (trying to sort out a free weekend when you both work in retail is no fun).

The exhibition is divided into roughly three areas to reflect Burton's career - Surviving Burbank, Beautifying Burbank and Beyond Burbank. I won't go into detail about his life and career (you can just wiki it anyhow). The whole thing is incredibly well put-together - the detail and size of the collecting is amazing! It covers everything from English essays and art school projects to student films and character concepts, to props and costumes and prosthetics. It was amazing to see a lot of Burton's student and early work, where you can clearly see the beginnings of his highly distinctive film style, recurring themes, interests and motifs.

Personal highlights from the collection - the Large Marge eyes from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, an angora from Ed Wood and watching Vincent, one of Burton's first short films. There is also this amazing 'Burtonairum' which is a black-light room of awesome that I can't even describe.

Tim Burton: The Exhibition will be at Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Federation Square until October 10th. If you are in Melbourne, I strongly urge you check it out! Alternately, if you have already been - what did you think? Also, because I'm super nosey, I have a question for everyone:

What is your favourite Tim Burton film?

For me it is an an incredibly hard choice but I narrowed to a tentative Top Three: Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Big Fish (2003)


Mel said...

I went to see this too. How can there be such a brilliantly, talented artist like Tim Burton? He is amazing (as was the exhibition).
Hmm. It is hard to choose a favourite film, I would probably say 'Edward Scissorhands', 'Sweeny Todd' or 'Sleepy Hollow'. Though really, all his films are magnificent.

Megan said...

I loved Vincent.

I went through it really quickly last Friday but was amazed by Catwoman's cat suit & Alice's dress and shoes!

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