Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pretty in Polyvore - Childhood Favourites

This week I've started my first full-time job, so I've found it harder than I'd expected to find time to write posts. I basically get home and collapse on the couch, sleep, then wake up and leave for work the next morning. I'm sure once I get into a routine, it will be fine. Anyway, to make up for the lack of words, here are some pretty pictures! You all know I love Polyvore, and thought it would be fun to put together sets inspired by some of my favourite childhood literary characters. Enjoy!






Jess said...

Okay Steph, quit this full time job shenanigans and get work as a Hollywood costume designer, NOW! You have a real knack for these creative reworkings of well known characters and I know you're probably so sick of hearing it from me BUT I love it. So much!

Jillian said...

OMG super cute!! I am going to try to do this activity as well and post it up.. I'll link you up because yours are gorgeous! You should do this as a regular feature :)

Girl Friday said...

Jess - thank you!!! you are too lovely! I always did love playing dress-up when I was young - I think I'm better at playing with imaginary clothes & accessories I'd never be able to own, than put together real outfits haha

Jillian - aww, thanks! Oh send me your links when you do - I'd love to see yours!

Nomes said...

Oooh - i'm loving this post.

shame about having to work full time, hey? ;) well, the money's good...


food for silverfish said...

omigosh i love harriet's costume. so spyish!

Girl Friday said...

Nomes - Thanks Nomes - glad you enjoyed it! Full time work is taking a bit to get used to (early starts, getting home late, a long commute) but yay money and the job itself is pretty interesting

Dugong Lady - awww, thanks! I rather love the trench coat especially :)

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