Friday, September 3, 2010

Mixed Bag #16

Good morning blogosphere! Here is my weekly collection of links to things that have interested or amused me in some way, and because sharing is caring, I'm offering them up for your reading pleasure too.

image source: tumblr

♥ My friend Emily has launched the first issue of Ricochet, an ezine for aspiring writers and artists to showcase their work - check it out!

♥ EW wants to know who you want cast in The Hunger Games film adaptation? Some of their options are alright, but others (in my opinion) are completely bizarre (like Skeet Ulrich as Gale?!? Maybe if this was the early 90s! WTF?)

♥ Speaking of Hunger Games, adorable actress Kristen Bell professes her love for the series. Oh, and she's totally Team Peeta!!

♥ The 2010 Inkys Longlist has been announced! My picks are The Piper's Son for the Gold (followed by Loving Richard Feynman) and Will Grayson, Will Grayson for the Silver (you knew I'd be picking the John Green title right?)

♥ Speaking of the man himself, John Green does Fitness for Nerds

♥ A great, new blog to watch - That Cover Girl, which focuses around YA book covers (I love this idea!).

♥ Adele of Persnickety Snark has written another excellent article - Love Bites: when romance makes me want to howl.

♥ I love this - Portraits of Fall TV's Best Characters and Scene Stealers for Rolling Stone. The Kurt one is my favourite!!!

♥ OMGLEE, if you haven't watched the Emmy's opening number, what are you waiting for? It was epic (Tina Fey! TIM GUN!!!)

Of course it was the Melbourne Writer's Festival was on this week, which I've been blogging about the past few days. Here are some blog posts, reflecting other peoples experiences:
♥ Megan of Literary Life: Day One, Day Three, Day Four parts 1 and 2
♥ The SMH has an excellent article about the "why teens think bigger than adults" panel with Jostein Gaarder and Lia Hills. Sounds like an amazing session!
♥ Shirley Marr's Adventures in Melbourne-Land
♥ Amra Pajalic and Robyn Bavati have both written about their Family Matters panel here and here.
Kill Your Darlings has Five Things I Learned at MWF This Weekend
♥ Don't forget about the MWF School's Program Regional Tour! Check out their blog entries here.

Happy Friday!


Nomes said...

awesome links as always - off to check some out.

and I havent read Will Grayson yet. I think my second pick for the gold inky is the pipers son (after Raw Blue) although both thiose are for mature readers, so not sure what the teens will vote in.

Cass (Words on Paper) said...

Ooh! I just saw the layout change. Looking good. :) Thanks for this week's MIXED BAG. Always pleasantly surprised to see what good things you find.

Girl Friday said...

Nomes - ohhh read WG, WG - it's fantastic! Will have to check out Raw Blue because you keep singing it's praises and I know you have amazing taste :)

Cass - Thank-you! I thought it was a bit more spring-ish! And glad you enjoyed the post :D

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