Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy 11 - 15

Here is the next installment of Things That Make Me Happy as part of 42 Things list.
I'd love to see or hear what makes you happy too, so feel free to post your own list in the comments or on your blog. My five things:

11. Reading the weekend newspaper
To be honest, I don't really follow the news as much as I should. It's terrible, I know (especially considering the amount of time I spend on The AV Club and OhNoTheyDidnt getting my entertainment news fix). I do love reading the paper on the weekends though, mostly because of the arts, culture and lifestyle supplements.
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12. Melbourne!
My lovely, marvellous hometown - I adore you!
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13. Singing in the car
I have a really terrible singing voice. Like really, really bad (to the extent that when I sing, my family will ask if I'm either a) in pain or b)completely deaf. But when I'm in the car, I think I sound pretty good (even if I get funny looks from other drivers)
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14. Board games
I feel like I'm normally a fairly chill person - until I play board games, which brings out my competitive side. Seriously, don't play Scattegories with me, I tend to get a bit crazy. I'm also partial to Scrabble and Cluedo, but am not so great at Monopoly. During late-night trading at my retail job, my co-worker and I used to have epic matches with games we sold in the store.

15. Writing
I really enjoy the act of writing, much more than the finished product. I mostly write for fun.
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What makes you happy?


Nomes said...

I am a board games nut too :) I love Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne and Balderdash and I kick butt at Taboo (I'm a good talker) and I love Pictionary (another one I win) Hmm, sensing a theme of loving the games I'm good at, haha. Dont ask how I feel about sport...

I love writing too. And melbourne - why does it seem like all the authhora dn writers and cool people live in melbourne?


Girl Friday said...

Ohhh one of our stores sells Carcaconne and Balderdash but I've never played either of them! I'm not great at any games that require strategy, but do well with anything pop-cultured related or require knowledge of random things haha

That's because Melbourne is pretty awesome (though I'm also very biased)

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