Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy 1 - 5

As some of you may know, this blog originally came about from my 43 Things list. Recently I added a new personal challenge on there, one which I've seen a lot of other people list and that is to Find 100 Things That Make Me Happy. Anyway, I thought to help me work on my list and to share some positivity in blog-land, every Sunday I'll share five things from my list and invite anyone else who who's interested to do the same (either in the comments or on their blog). Let's get started!

1. My family
Even though they can drive me insane, all the good things about them far outweigh the bad.

2.  Reading
This will always be my favourite thing to do.

3. Getting mail
image source: we ♥ it
Receiving mail in the post makes me very, very happy. I'm usually the person to bring our mail in and excitedly rip open anything addressed to me, even if it's only boring bank statements.

4. Pushing Daisies
Watching an episode of this show is like taking a big happy pill. Everything about it makes me smile, especially the costumes and amount of detail that goes into the sets. That and it always makes me want to bake pies.

5. Going to the movies alone
image source: we ♥ it
I know some people find it a bit weird, but I go to the movies alone somewhat regularly. I usually go early morning or in the middle of the day and find most cinemas are practically empty.

What makes you happy?


Cass said...

I LOVE RECEIVING MAIL TOO!!! Hehe, if I'm lucky to get to the mail first, I like to play postwoman and individually send each letter/package around the house. :) I'm SO not a 10 year old girl! 1-3 are the same for me. Though I'd chuck family & friends in 1. That the way I roll.

4. Listening to my favourite music!

5. Just relaxing at home, doing nothing but basking in my own laziness. :)

I'm a vegetable at heart. I know, I shouldn't say that so lightly, but I really am a bum.

I think it's kind of cool that you can go to the movies alone. I think it's terrifying to go somewhere like the movies, alone. I've gone shopping alone several times, but mostly for business means. Plus, I like having someone sitting next to me when I'm watching SOMETHING.

Girl Friday said...

Awww, Cass that's so cute (about playing postwoman!). I sort all our mails into piles and sometimes try to guess what people are getting (mostly because my sister always seem to get cool packages and I'm jealous)

Number 5 is a huge one for me too - my ideal Sunday would be lounging around the house, maybe read the paper and just chill.

Re: movies - it started at the end of high school when I was sick of not going to movies I really wanted to see, just because I didn't have anyone to go with. I usually go when it's quiet (so no one looks at me funny) and it's strangely enjoyable (like not having to worry if the other person likes the movie or if you sound silly when you laugh really loudly haha). Though I do still go with my sister and friends sometimes.

Jami said...

Everything on your list I love! Pushing Daisies is so under-rated.


I 100% about the mail! My bank statements even make me happy because I rarely...RARELY get any mail ^^ It makes me want to write letters to my friends instead of e-mailing; just so I get post lol!

And I LOVE Pushing Daisies. I was so upset when it ended! The colours and the setting (omigosh, the outside of the Pie Hole looked so amazing) and the pies (delectable) were perfect!

I agree with Cass...I find going to the movies alone really frightening. I have no idea why; but hopefully someday I'll try it. It's weird because I spend a lot of time alone and watch things alone lol.

Lovely list! I would really appreciate it if you could follow or check out my blog. Thanks!

tschitschi said...

I enjoy going to the movies on my own, although I usually also pick the less crowded times than Saturday night. It's not something I do often, but it always feels very special and very relaxing when I go - I think everyone should try it once just to see what it is like, it really is a very obvious thing to do alone.

Girl Friday said...

Jami - totally agree, Pushing Daisies is so charming and lovely!

PBN - You should definitely write your friends letters! I used to write a lot of letters and I kind of love the anticipation of waiting for a letter (instead of the instant nature of email). Am now following your blog :)

Tschitschi - Agreed, I find it really enjoyable and strangely relaxing :)

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