Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reasons Why I Am A Nerd

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This post was inspired by Kate Gordon (also known as the fabulous Miss Cackle) and her recent blog post about being a nerd (despite not 'looking like one'). I then saw Megan's post this afternoon, and realised I wanted to join the proud nerd union! I am a nerd because:

♥   I devoted an entire semester to a research project on the impact of the internet and social media in TV fandom (and got a great mark haha).
♥    I wrote another university paper on Jane Austen fan fiction.
♥    My book collection is sorted by genre and my film collection is organised alphabetically (I also organised my brother's DVD collection this way - he was not appreciative).
♥    I collect Wizard of Oz memorabilia, film character Barbies and books about the movies of John Hughes.
♥    I am the Just Dance on Wii champion of my family and friends. When trying to find the Wiki page for Just Dance, I realised there is a Broadway version out, which is pretty much the highlight of my day.
♥    I am a huge musical theatre geek. My cd collection is pretty much 80% showtunes, 20% non-showtunes.
♥   I often plan my social life around my TV viewing schedule.
♥    My mum used to hide our video games, because my brother and I would get crazy obsessive about clocking them and not move away from the TV for hours (we lost Resident Evil and Tekken 3 this way).
♥    This also happened with The Sims.
♥    I am obsessed with movie trivia. Every time I watch a film, I feel the compulsion to read about it on IMDB straight afterwards.
♥    I can quote The Goonies line for line. Ditto with The Wizard of Oz.
♥    I love watching DVDs with the commentary on. I will watch something multiple times this way if it has more than one comentary.
♥    I used to have a Geocities fansite about musicals.
♥    I took Computer Programming in high school because I wanted to work in web design. I still use HTML coding far more than I ever thought I would.
♥    I am also obsessed with zombies and spend a ridiculous amount of time discussing the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse with my siblings.
♥    One of my favourite things about primary school was Book Week and would spend ages leading up to it planning my costume for the annual parade (I had the best ever Pippi Longstocking outfit, complete with the pigtails - fortunately/unfortunately there is no photographic evidence that I can find and share).
♥    I post photos like this and this when I get new books.
♥    I am a nerdfighter
♥   I spend way too much time on my tumblr dedicated to one of the greatest TV nerds ever, Bill Haverchuck.


Megan said...

You made me remember too - I catalogue my books on my computer! :D

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I love that you embrace your nerdiness. I, too, am a nerd, but for entirely different reasons. There's room in this world for all sorts of nerd-geeks.

Thanks for sharing!

Girl Friday said...

Hehehe, thanks Megan and Mrs. DeRaps!

What I loved about Kate's original post was that there isn't a singular 'nerd' look or type of nerd (I certainly couldn't tell you a thing about physics/chemistry/anything science related but could probably talk your ear off about movies and books). Yay for nerds!

Jillian said...

Oh I absolutely loved this post! I might have to do this post, thanks for the inspiration!

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