Friday, August 20, 2010

Mixed Bag #15

Good morning blog-o-sphere! Here is your weekly dose of links, albeit a small serving this week.

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♥ Nathan Bransford tells us how to write a novel

♥ Durham Univeristy is now offering a course in Harry Potter studies

Top 10 Contemporary Books You Should Read from In Which A Girl Reads

♥ If you haven't already, run to Persnickety Snark to look at the final rankings for her Top 100 YA Novels list. I now have a huge reading list that will keep me busy for a while!

Forever Young Adult has the Hunger Games drinking game

♥ Everyone's favourite Golden Girl, Betty White has a two-book deal!

♥ Jessica Rudd, the daughter of ex-PM Kevin Rudd, launches her fiction debut (which only days after release, is already onto it's second print run).

♥ An interesting (though I found it a bit scary) article from NY Times - What Is It About 20-Somethings?

Remember how excited I was to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World last week?
Well, it was awesome and I've rounded up some of my favourite articles about this kick-arse film:

Five Reasons Behind the Failure of Scott Pilgrim (opening weekend box-office failure, not fail-at-life-failure)

♥ OMG, Scott Pilgrim vs Springfield! It's Scott and the gang as Simpsons characters!

Happy Friday!


kate.o.d said...

i want to go to durham!

hey, did you read the vanity fair 25 questions on scott pilgrim? i love mike ryan's question/answer thing! it's rad.

Girl Friday said...

OMG Kate, I'm reading the VF article now = so much awesome!! Thank you for telling me about it :)

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