Friday, August 13, 2010

Mixed Bag #14

Good morning blog-o-verse! I'm up bright and early to deliver my weekly dose of linky goodness before I head off to work.

♥ Remember I had the Jacob/wolf clan inspired interior last week? Well, I think I think this would be more my style - Betsey Johnson's Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel (in tribute to the titular character from Kay Thompson's childrens books).

♥ The New York Times brings us The Kids' Books Are Alright - an essay on the growing popularity of childrens and YA novels with adults. Thanks to Kathy Charles for tweeting this!

♥ Pam from Bookalicious has a great list of a few books from 2010 that you should read. (whoops, clearly I'm slacking as have only read one of these titles!)

The first chapter of the Babysitters Club, if written by Bret Easton Ellis. I can't remember who tweeted this link originally, but thank you times one hundred for brightening my day.

♥ New John Green video blog - Grammar School with Snooki

♥ I adore this series from Design Sponge! Each week they pay homage to a movie with screencaps and clothing/lifestyle designs inspired by them. Sixteen Candles and Amelie are a couple of my favourites.

Holy Taco has 7 Roles Michael Cera Shouldn't Play. Check this out, if only for the captioned photos!

Happy Friday!


Megan said...

Fantastic links there Steph!

ps BSC with Ellis?! wtf?! lol

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Fun. I didn't know one thing about Andy Warhol, never mind 82. Thanks!

Andi B. Goode said...

Ooh, great links. Shall have to check these out.
-Andi x

Girl Friday said...

Megan - thanks Megan! omg, the BSC + Ellis is hilarious!

Mrs. DeRaps - haha you're welcome! I knew a bit about him, but always fun to find out more.

Andi - thanks Andi, hope you enjoy them!

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