Friday, August 6, 2010

Mixed Bag #13

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Hello blogosphere! As usual, here is my weekly round-up of links to anything that may have caught my fancy this week. Hope you all enjoy it!

♥ Entertainment Weekly has 20 Classic Opening Lines in books.

♥ Not to be outdone by his ex-wife, Peter Andre is writing a children's book series (I am a bit afraid!)

♥ I don't know if anyone else is a fan, but according to the AV Club, Mitch Hurwitz is apparently halfway through writing the Arrested Development film.

♥ Readings have up their list of book-to-film adaptations due in second half of 2010. Which are you most looking forward to? For me it's Scott Pilgrim of course and Tomorrow When The War Began.

♥ To celebrate Prop 8 being overturned, the LA Times has a list of Top 20 Works of Gay Literature.

♥ A great piece in Publisher's Weekly about crying in public. I've had to stop reading a few titles on my daily train commutes (most recently it was The Piper's Son) because I start to get teary.

♥ Tamora Pierce has a brilliant post on her writerly blog about why she writes girl heroes.

The Boston Bibliophile has up her Home Library Mission Statement up, as part of her home libraries series.

♥ Hold on to your knickers Twilighters, because now you are able to sleep in Jacob Black's bedroom! (Please note that Taylor Lautner is not included)

Happy Friday!


Nomes said...

haha @ the jacob bedroom thing. I literally LOLed @ the torn clothes. hahaha :) Loving it

Also, cannot wait for Tommorrow.


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oh my gosh at the jacob bedroom, they are really renting that out???

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Wow. Thanks for all of these awesome links! **Off to explore...**

Girl Friday said...

Nomes - isn't it hilarious?! It's so tacky and goofy, but I bet the owners are making a fortune lol

Carrie - yep, it's totally serious (can you believe it!). I did read that Twilight has bought a ridiculous amount of tourism $$ to the real Forks, and many people are cashing in on it.

Mrs. DeRaps - you're very welcome, hope you enjoy them :)

Megan said...

We missed you!

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