Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zombie Week Wrap Up

Well it's been a fun week - I loved spending my time obsessing over all things zombie and spamming Twitter with random zombie facts. I hope some of you have enjoyed this themed week too, and maybe even gt you thinking about reading a different kind of paranormal YA story. Anyway, here's a rundown of the Zombie Week posts in case you missed anything:

Amanda Ashby - The Zombie Queen of Newbury High
Max Brooks - The Zombie Survival Guide
Brian James - Zombie Blondes
Carrie Ryan - The Forest of Hands and Teeth
E. Van Lowe - Never Slow Dance With A Zombie
Daniel Waters - Generation Dead
Daniel Waters - Kiss of Life

28 Days Later - Danny Boyle
Dawn of the Dead (2004) - Zach Synder
Shaun of the Dead - Edgar Wright
Zombieland - Ruben Fleischer

Coming Soon
Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry
Zombies vs Unicorns - Holly Black and Justine Larbaleister

Mixed Bag - Zombie Style

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MJ and his friends say thanks for stopping by Zombie Week!


blurredlights said...

i noticed that "feed" by mira grant wasn't part of your zombie week. and since you seem to be a zombie-fiction aficionado, i wanted to suggest the book to you.

the tone of the book is very similar to max brook's "world war z" (which is also a great read) and the film "28 days later". =)

Girl Friday said...

Oh awesome, thanks for the recommendation - can't wait to check Feed out!

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