Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zombie Week - Snack Size

Good morning blogsville! Once again I have a trio of tiny, tasty reviewlettes - all at a bite-sized 100 words apiece. Now being Zombie Week here at the blog, I think it's pretty obvious what each of these books have in common .... mmmm brains

Zombie Blondes - Brian James
Published by Square Fish, 2009
256 pages

Hannah is sick of being the new girl, so she’s hopeful when her father settles in Maplecrest, a non-descript small town. Maplecrest High is ruled by the football team and cheerleading squad (all of which are beautiful, blonde and deathly pale) and Hannah is eager to conform in exchange for popularity, despite being warned by comic book geek Lukas of their evils. Whilst I liked the idea of the themes and concept of Zombie Blondes, I felt they weren’t fully executed. I found Hannah unlikeable and a bit dull. The novel had the potential to be super-creepy, but for me fell a bit flat.

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie - E. Van LowePublished by Tom Doherty Associates, 2009
256 pages

When Margot Jean Johnson and her best friend Sybil skip the school carnival one Friday night, they also miss out on becoming mindless zombies. In return for the girls agreeing to help their principal keep the zombification of their school a secret, they receive the popularity perks they previously desired –until they must deal with the grave consequences of zombie infestation. Not my favourite zombie YA – I found Margot annoying and increasingly difficult to sympathise with. Also whilst this is more of a parody of the genre, the plot holes sometimes made reading a struggle. My favourite character, Baron, was underused and underappreciated. Light-hearted zombie fare.

The Zombie Queen of Newbury High - Amanda Ashby
Published by Penguin Group, 2009
208 pages

Mia is just your average teen girl – crushing on footballer Rob, and watching copious amounts of Buffy. That is until an attempted love spell goes wrong and she turns her school (including Rob and her best friend Candice) into zombies, all eager to devour their new Queen. Now she’s got to reverse the zombie virus and change everyone back by prom. Ashby does a great, fun take on zombie YA with a novel that pokes fun at zombie clich├ęs and is full of pop culture references. Mia is quirky and a believable heroine and Chase (supernatural investigator/hottie) is the perfect guy to help her avoid getting eaten.


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