Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thankful Sunday

So, I haven't been the best blogger this week - I've been feeling pretty tired and just a bit down in general. Since I've spent my Sunday afternoon watching TV and just thinking about things, I thought it might be nice to do a picture post about things that I am grateful for or have made me smile this week (because I'm all about trying to keep positive):

Big Bang Theory
I picked up the first two boxed sets of BBT for $30 at K-Mart earlier in the week. Even though I've already seen every episode and the show is repeated regularly on TV and Foxtel, I like being able to watch six episodes back-to-back if I feel like it. It's just fun and easy to watch. I also find myself oddly attracted to Wolowitz, which I tweeted this week (I'm still not sure why ...)
image source: we ♥ it

Is there anything better than lovely cups of tea during winter? Even better is when the tea is accompanied by baked goods or biscuits!
image source: flickr

Melina Marchetta's The Piper's Son
I loved this book! I was a huge fan of Saving Francesa, so was really looking forward to revisiting Tom Mackee, Francesca, Justine and Tara again. A couple of my friends and I have recently started a book club and we picked this as our next novel. Really the book club just an excuse to regularly catch up for coffee and to talk about bookish things, but we had a lot of fun this week dicussing The Piper's Son and Melina's other works (particularly as we all studied Looking for Alibrandi at school).

Melbourne Writers Festival Tickets
I'm now officially attending the festival! I've purchased my tickets to some events in the Schools Program (to see some incredible YA authors like Melina Marchetta, Lili Wilkinson, and Jacyln Moriarty). I'm still trying to work out what I can see in the rest of the program. Check out their website for the full program and to buy tickets.

The Temper Trap
I went to see them perform at Festival Hall last night. My friend's friend bailed, so I offered to go instead, despite only knowing a couple of their songs. I'm glad I did as the show (including the two supporting acts - The Joy Formidable and No Mercy) was fantastic and made for a fun night out.

What are you thankful for this week?


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

ahhh! you;re going to see three of my favourite authors! Whoo Hoo! That is awesome.

i loved the piper's son too, so emotional in the very best of ways. Tom mackee is officially one of my fave characters ever!

I hope you have a better week ahead.

I'm grateful this week for finally getting a decent amount of writing done on my WIP. It's so good to have that exhilarating feeling you get from writing :)


Megan said...

Oh are you okay?!?!

You sound a bit like me lately - I went to work with a 'everything sucks' outlook and that only got worse as work was bad, but then it turned out okay as my coworker rocks, a friend who i thought was angry at me wasn't, another friend who is actually angry at me and i at her - im no longer stressing because its not worth it. ive made some to-do lists and now i feel better.

wow, long comment about random crap that has nothing to do with your blog. lol

okay, thankful for:
-masterchef (no comments needed)
-finding a bottle of tequila under my bed after the party (full, unopened, no idea who owns it but its mine now!)
-you are going to be at mwf! coffee?

but boo cuz my heater broke and now my room is freezing :(

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Big bang theory is a really cute show!

Chachic said...

I love The Big Bang Theory! Such a hilarious show. I could relate too because I have some nerdy friends. I can't wait to read The Piper's Son. I should ask our bookstore if they can order it from Australia but I think they usually order books from the States.

Girl Friday said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!

Nomes - Oh, agreed loved Tom! I had to stop reading The Piper's Son on my train commutes because I'd get a bit teary hehe. And yay for you getting some writing done - great achievement!

Megan - Thank you - I'm alright, just had one of those weeks where everything is a bit overwhelming and just felt a bit stressed out. Glad you're also feeling better now and thanks for the kind words and concern :) All your things to be thankful for are awesome (haha yay free booze is always fun!) and yes, would love to have a coffee or something at MWF!

Carrie - oh it is, I love it!

Chachic - Oh totally, I can relate. I'm not really sciency but would definitely consider myself a film nerd. I'd like to think I'm somewhere in between the guys and Penny. Hope you can get a copy of The Piper's Son, it's fantastic :)

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