Friday, July 30, 2010

Mixed Bag #12

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Morning blogopshere! Here is my weekly collection of links (pretty much anything I've found funny/interesting/weird) to keep you busy over your morning (or evening) coffee. Enjoy!

♥ The Boston Bibliophile has the first part of her upcoming series on The Essentials for a Home Library

♥ Pope Benedict XVI publishes a children's book

♥ For all the Gleeks, check out this sneak peek of the upcoming Glee novelisation. Whilst it's no secret, I'm kind of a huge Gleek (and I know I'm not the target audience for this novel) but it does not read well. It sort of looks like it's been taken from Fan

♥ Ohhh, look at this little girl's adorable reading nook! More cute reading spots for kids - I love decor blogs.

♥ The Wakefield twins from Sweet Valley are making a comeback! Sweet Valley Confidential revisits Elizabeth and Jessica, who are now twenty-seven and not on speaking terms. I'm looking forward to seeing how Francine Pascal breathes new life into the series. You can sign up to read the first chapter here.

Girls on Film: Ellen Page, Gender and Cinematic Sexuality is an amazing read from Cinematical.

♥ Have you been following Adele's Top 100 YA Novels? You should! Be warned though, this blog will make your to-read list grow enormously!

♥ Speaking of awesome, butt-kicking girls, Jamie who is responsible for The Seventeen Magazine Project I posted about last week has a new site Teenagerie - dedicated to analysing and critically discussing all things related to adolescence.Jamie says "my hopes for this blog are that it will be productive in promoting discussions surrounding the important questions about adolescence, which range from What are today's teens really like? to How accurate is the media in portraying these representations?"  

♥ One of my favourite films, Heathers, has been adapted for the stage, to debut at Joe's Pub in September.

Happy Friday!


Chachic said...

Those reading nooks are so cute! I want one for myself! I'm small, I think I can fit in most of those nooks. *sigh* I want to redecorate my room but I don't know how to go about it. LOL.

Megan said...

Great list. Do tend to agree with you on the Glee front :P

Megan said...

Also, I love SVH! :D

Girl Friday said...

Chachic - I know, it makes me want one! I'm in the same boat - would love to massively re-decorate my room but I figure it's probably not worth it as I hope to move out within the next 18 months (and then I get a whole house to decorate!!)

Megan - I was so embarrassed reading that excerpt! I just think it's not the sort of show that would translate into a series because the humour and content crosses too many levels (my eight year old cousin would love the books though). SVH = me too! I still have a box full of Sweet Valley books in my cupboard somewhere haha

Sam said...

I loved the top 25 kick butt girls. :P Hermione, Starbuck, Blair Waldorf -- Um, totaly win!

Lauren said...

This SVH comeback is freaking me out a little. I really really want to love it, so that's a LOT of pressure. (You know, because I'm taking the whole thing way too seriously.)

Girl Friday said...

Sam - I was so impressed with that post, it's an awesome list!

Lauren - Oh I totally get it - I'm kind of freaking out that it just won't live up to the awesomeness of SVH!

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