Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kiss of Life

So after agonising about my Generation Dead review all-day yesterday, I decided that I'd try and do a quick review of Kiss of Life and share some more zombies-in-YA-love!

The Facts
Author: Daniel Waters
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date: 2009
Length: 416 pages

The Fiction
Across the US,  newlydead teens are becoming unearthed and coming out of the coffin (literally). Many of them are meeting in Oakvale, a town with a growing of undead teenagers. However since the haunting events of Generation Dead, things in Oakdale are getting even more tense between the local undead teens and some of the traditionally biotic citizens. Phoebe is struggling to sort out her feelings for both Tommy and Adam, Pete is being punished (though under the watchful eye of a fellow zombie-hater) and the Hunter Foundation is continuing it's mysterious research and controversial tolerance classes. Unfortunately a group of rebel zombies - calling themselves the Sons of Romero - refuse to play nice with the 'breathers' and catch the attention of a religious, anti-zombie group who are detemined to see all the undead six feet under, for good.

(Apologies if this synopsis is a bit vague, but I'm really trying hard to avoid spoiling major plot points for anyone)

Instead of an in-depth (and possibly overblown) like the one for Generation Dead, here are the things I enjoyed about Kiss of Life:
† The changing points of view. I liked that we aren't tied down to a particular character or the main protagonist, and are allowed to get into the heads of a range of teenagers (both living and dead/undead). I found Adam's thoughts and his journey in Kiss of Life to be especially interesting.
† Phoebe seems less indecisive and is far more relatable.
† I found Tommy to be a bit boring in Generation Dead, but Waters uses a lot of blog posts and emails to capture Tommy's voice in this novel, which I felt gave us a far better insight into his character. He really comes alive (haha) in his blog mysocalledundeath
† More Karen! In my opinion, she is the most interesting (and creative) character in the series - made a zombie under unusal circumstances, she is really taking advantage of her second life. There is something really intriguing about her (can't wait for Passing Strange, if only to get more Karen!)
† I'm really interested in Taki and the Sons of Romero. I thought their 'campaigns' were actually really clever and well-incorporated into the novel. Again, hoping to hear more about them in Passing Strange.
† I really like the Waters style zombies. They have the traditional (Romero-esque) stagger and slow mannerisms, however their physical behaviour is improved by their relationships. One of my favourite things about these books is the inherent idea that zombies need love too!

After re-visiting the novels for Zombie Week, all I can say is that I really hope my copy of Passing Strange arrives soon.


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

I loved your zombie week :) so cool.

which zombie novel is your absolute fave?


Girl Friday said...

Awww, glad you enjoyed it Nomes!

Hmmm tough choice - probably The Forest of Hands and Teeth though I really enjoy Daniel Waters books as a series.

Nomes (inkcrush) said...

I think the forest of hands and teeth (+ sequel) and I am legend are the only zombie novels I have read (?)

kate.o.d said...

good! i will read this after all. i LOVED generation dead but by the time the sequel came out i'd lost momentum. but i'll go back and grab it. thanks!

Girl Friday said...

Kate - glad you hear you loved Generation Dead! I really, really enjoyed it but only seemed to hear negative reviews in the blogosphere! I'd definitely read Kiss of Life - lots of Adam, Karen and Taki - loved it!

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