Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven Things About Me

Wow, I was lucky enough to be chosen by Naomi of inkcrush to receive an award for my blog, which was very surprising and lovely! Thank you so much Naomi!

So as a condition of the award, I need to:

1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award

2) Share seven things about yourself

3) Pass this along to fifteen bloggers... (I passed it on to three lucky ladies instead)

Seven Things About Me
♥  I am exactly 5 feet and half an inch tall. Despite always wanting to be taller, I haven't grown at all, in height, since I was thirteen. In every single school photo I have ever had taken, I am in the front row.

♥ Things I adore: slurpees, coffee, cupcakes, mix CDs, watching movies under warm blankets, picnics, musicals, inside jokes and the smell of new books.

♥ The strangest gift I have ever received was a pair of hermit crabs for my birthday last year. Spencer and Jasper were a present from two of the girls I work with. They still freak me out a little bit.

♥ I spent twelve years in the Catholic education system, but most of my biblical knowledge comes from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. I do have a really strong fascination with Saints though.

♥ I am really big on manners. Having worked in retail for some time now, I think that politeness and courtesy are underrated values in today's society (I'm such a nana, I know!)

♥  I have quite a good knowledge of pop culture and TV trivia, and remember the silliest of details when it comes to movies. However, I struggle to remember my postcode and still work out percentages on a calculator.

♥  My little sister is my best friend. We can be very alike (we have the same tastes in clothing, shoes and movies, though she has way cooler taste in music than me) though people don't often realise we're related. We crack each other up with movie quotes and random jokes (she is very reserved, but always comes out with the rudest one-liners) and drive each other crazy. I love her to death. I also have a brother. I figure I should mention him - he's a pretty awesome guy.

Passing It Along
♥ Chachic of Chachic's Book Nook
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♥ Rae of Rae Reads and Rae In The Forest


Chachic said...

Aww thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it. It make take some time for me to pass it on because I just posted about an award. Anyway, just wanted to comment about the things that you listed about yourself. I'm five feet flat so you're taller than me! I've been called "small but terrible" several times in my life. I also love the smell of new books and I studied in a Catholic school for girls for six years. :)

Girl Friday said...

Chachic - you're very welcome :)
Awwww, yay for shorties - they do say good things come in small packages!

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