Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty in Polyvore

Something a little different today. No 'By My Bedside' this week as I have nothing new to read - am instead catching up on some of the titles I have left over from the past couple of weeks. I'm feeling a bit uninspired with my reading and writing at the moment and really struggling to produce content that excites and interests me (I think it's largely due to my temp job which basically sucks the fun out of my day, and I come home and collapse on the couch). A few weeks ago I was playing around with Polyvore after having read Daniel Waters' Generation Dead (which is amazing and I promise to write about it soon), and made up my own Phoebe-esque ensemble. Fun ensued, and so I made a few photo boards based upon some of my favourite heroines  from YA fiction.

I actually had way more fun than I probably should have with these (it was the same sort of enjoyment I used to get from playing The Sims - I didn't care about the actual game, but I loved building and decorating Sim houses. Totally nerdy I know!). Please note, they are not mean't as affordable 'dress like this character' tutorials - they are all my own interpretation of the characters and are for entertainment purposes only.
Hope you enjoy!


Jess said...

I know I told you on twitter, but this post is all sorts of fantastic. I really think this is such a cool idea. You've such an eye for the details of these characters!

(Also I really love your new retro layout!)

Girl Friday said...

Nawww, thanks Jess! Glad you liked it (I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I spent making them haha).

And thanks re: layout. I was unsure but my sister was like "OMG, it is a million times better than your ugly old one". Ouch, so that decided it :)

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