Friday, June 25, 2010

Mixed Bag #7

(Image source: Girly Me tumblr)

♥ A sneak peek at the cover of Rick Riordan's newest book, Rick talks about life after Percy Jackson and his plans for The Kane Chronicles.

♥ The international trailer for Tomorrow When The War Began has now been released. I'm so excited for this film!

Tori Spelling turning her daughter into future Twilighter? I love you Tori but please spare Stella from this mess!

♥ Speaking of all things Twi, apparently Burger King have got in on the Twi-madness in a promotional campaign leading up to the release of Eclipse

Steph Bowe made two beautiful posts featuring images which are inspiring her current work-in-progress. Part One and Part Two.

♥ Kristi of The Story Sirens names her Top Ten Book Covers

Adele reviews Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell - which was one of my top five favourite books read last year. As usual, Adele's review is insightful and thought-provoking.


Nomes said...

Some really cool links there. i ahd been to some of them already, but am about to check some others out.

And, yeah, I am so pumped for Tomorrow when the war began that words fail me :)

Girl Friday said...

So am I Nomes! Originally when I heard about a film adaptation I wasn't too happy (especially when they started casting Neighbours/H&A actors) but the trailers so far have been amazing and have made me so excited to see it!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Maybe Tori was telling Stella, "Look honey, if you ever meet a boy who's too pale and whose teeth look sharp--Run! He's not the boy for you!"

I have to believe in Tori's superior mommy skills. And, I loved the review of Everything Beautiful. I ordered it straightaway.

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.

Girl Friday said...

Mrs. DeRaps - I really hope so! I love Tori (Tori & Dean is my guilty pleasure Friday night show!) and her family.

Oh, that's awesome. Hope you like Everything Beautiful - as I said, I really, really enjoyed it :)

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