Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blog Spots

On Monday, I blogged on-location for the first time. Now it wasn't anywhere exciting - the total opposite if I'm totally honest, as I blogged from McDonalds (free wi-fi and vanilla thickshakes!) When I first bought a laptop I had visions of writing in awesome, writerly locations like cafes and at the park. More than six months later, I finally took my laptop out of the house for the first time. I think it's mostly because I feel self-conscious - mostly because Dell Parker (yes the laptop has a name) is such a fatty with a 15.4" monitor) and because I worry about looking pretentious. Anyway, I ending up getting a decent amount of writing, blogging and commenting done and (as far as I know) no one looked at me funny - though I was with a friend who was also multi-tasking on her computer.

Here is where I usually blog from:

My bedroom desk which isn't normally this clean (I tidied it before the photo was taken, and by tidy I mean pushed the layers of paper, food wrappers and CDs onto the floor). By the way, I don't normally have two computers going at once, by the way (I am usually very environmentally aware!) The PC currently has no internet access but holds five years worth of photos, music and documents I can't bear to part with. The laptop is where I primarily write from as it's fast and pretty spiffy all round. Also featured on my desk: coffee, to-do lists, post-its, pens, scanner/photocopier currently buried under two manuscripts and a file of clippings, nail polish and one of my Freaks and Geeks disks (re-watching for the Snark and Bark blog). Sometimes I write from the couch downstairs, but I find I usually get distracted by the close proximity of food.

Anyway, fellow bloggers, I pose this question: where do you blog from?
Do you primarily blog from home? Or do you have an awesome hangout/cafe/park/workplace where you blog from instead?
I'd love to know and pictures are very welcome - feel free to even make your own Blog Spots post (nosey people like me would love to have a look!)


Jami said...

This is such a cool idea! I think I'll be doing my own post later today. I'll make sure I come back with a link!

Nomes said...

nice pic.

we only have one desktop in our home, and it's in a sunny room at the back of the house - which also has the kids lego table, 2 lounges and the playstation. so it can get noisy in here :)

I'd love to have a laptop and blog from other places though :)

Jami said...

Here is my blog spot! Thanks for sharing your cool idea!

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